Diwali is almost here and there is no way more better than to celebrate it with your family and friends. The biggest festival of lights has a strong homecoming tradition with many people visiting their homes over the long weekend. But not everyone has the privilege of going home every Diwali.

But do not worry. Here are some of the ways to celebrate Diwali on your own.

Take care of yourself

Try to perform pre-Diwali rituals such as cleaning your space, bedroom, etc. You can buy new things for yourself. Try to pamper yourself. Illuminate the space with fairy lights and give it a warm atmosphere.

Perform puja

Diwali is incomplete with a puja ritual. We can organize the small puja set up by bringing the goddess Lakshmi and the lord Ganesha and perform the rituals.

Card party

We can organize a card party at their place. Invite your friends to the card party. We will certainly appreciate the company of friends.

Give a token of love

There is no better way to celebrate Diwali than to bring a smile to the less fortunate. You can buy good food and sweets for the less fortunate which will actually give you happiness in return.

Family time

Remember to connect with your family on a video call and see their happy faces. If it will make you miss your home, at the same time it will give you immense happiness.

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