You know “this girl”. It is she who is not too showy, always leaves a residual image of her presence and is the kind of girl on which they write songs. She is pretty, unique and friendly – all without being false or too sweet. If you are interested in being this kind of girl, consider adapting the features described here.

 Be the girl who is high when she’s sober — seriously

We all know the type of girls who come to a trip in the bathroom of the club or the bar, smiling to the ears and ready to speak. They are some of the greatest women I have ever met. They are also the best friends I will never see again. These are the girls you can tell everything without fear of judgment and you know they will support you. The person you came with, find something new? These girls are five seconds away from finding you a new boogie for a boogie with. Is the last Long Island coming back to haunt you? One girl is ready to hold your hair and the other is gone to get you a cup of water. This friendship should not be limited to our showered bathroom meetings. Be the girl who supports you all the time.

Be the girl who isn’t afraid to check-in

We have all seen someone go into crisis in public. Hell, some of us were even the girl behind the blackout. But how often do we reach out to the crying girl around the corner and ask if she’s okay? Don’t be afraid to ask a girl if she needs help, even if she is with someone. While she may be really excited about something, it doesn’t hurt to ask her if she needs a helping hand. The only way to know for sure is to take it up to you to ask.

She may say she is fine or ignore your offer. It’s good. At the very least, she will know that she is not alone.

Be the girl who has is

The only thing worse than starting your period when you least expect it is the horrible realization that you have nothing to stop your flow – and there is not a Walgreens in sight. A survey found that 86% of the 1,072 women found themselves in the same situation and 57% felt more embarrassed than upset, stressed or panicked. But the bonds of fellowship are stiff – 53% of women shared that when this happened, they asked another woman for a tampon or tampon. So pay it! Not only will keeping your bag full of extra menstrual products help you in the long run, but it could mean the difference between a pair of ruined jeans and a big meeting at work on time.

But that’s not all you need to put in your purse. The allergy season can make fabrics and hand sanitizer a no-brainer, but keeping a supply of chocolates is the biggest game change to date. Sharing a few bite-size squares can help with PMS, increase productivity at noon, and bond with the girl sitting next to you.

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