How to Be a Happy Single Woman

You have heard the old-fashioned message that you must marry to be a truly happy woman. Maybe that was truer at some point, but not anymore. More than 50% of the US population is single, according to the most recent census. So, whether you are between relationships or have chosen to remain free of relationships, now is the time to focus on living life for yourself and your happiness.

Let’s face it: when we’re not single, it’s easy to get lost in our relationship. It’s not that our interests and hobbies don’t matter anymore, but sometimes they stay on the road. There are many songs about individual empowerment out there to encourage us to live. Even if you are alone and prefer to be in a relationship, learning to be single and happy will make your life much better. Sure, we all know some bitter single people, and maybe we were that person sometimes, but the habit of being positive does work.

How to Be a Happy Single Woman

Keep reading for tips on how to be single and happy.

1. Make a career in something you love. If the career you are currently following leaves you a little less than excited, change it. If the position of principal editor is suddenly available, cheer up. If your dream is to be a writer, don’t dream, write. If your 9 to 5 job is starting to feel like 9 to infinity, then it’s time to put that job on the sidewalk and find a new one.

2. Take the time to decorate your living space as you always wanted. Make the space you live in as perfectly as possible. Do not deny yourself that old white Victorian lace comforter that you think you would prefer to buy when you have a marital bed to put it on. Remember, this is your retirement from the outside world and any element that catches your attention should immediately occupy a loving place in your home without thinking or doubting a moment.

3. Look for quality friendships, not quantity. Friends are the people who add color and emotion to our lives. Unfortunately, it is in times of sadness or need that most friendships are severely tested. Therefore, when choosing someone as a potential friend, it is better to remember that a friend is more than someone to hang out with. True friends give you care when you need to grow and courage when it is better to stay the same.

4. Think of going out as an adventure. The secret to a happy date is to have no expectations. Do not think of this man as a potential lover, potential husband, potential friend or anything potential. Just think of him as someone you’ve never met before and, like Mata Hari, your goal is to learn everything you can about him. Then, continue slowly from there and you will soon be pleasantly surprised.

5. Have fun with your appearance. Being single is the only time you can change your appearance as often as some people change their underwear and do not have to worry about someone else’s opinion. So, if you are brunette and always wanted to try life as a blonde, now is the time to do it. If you have long and loose hair and want to try a short and daring cut, run to that barbershop and tell it to be cut. If the results are less than wonderful, nobody will be there to remind you and nobody will have to know; That’s why they invented hats. However, if you look absolutely fabulous, go out and paint the city.

6. Control your spending habits. As a single woman, you just have to trust yourself for financial support, so controlling your expenses is vital. For many women, the idea of reducing their spending habits seems as unlikely as marrying Johnny Depp. However, all you really need is the determination to pay all your current bills, awareness of how you spend your money each month and the discipline to think before buying. Once you master these skills, you will see your bank account filling up in no time.

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7. Indulge in some private time. Private time not only allows you to recover your energy but, if spent properly, you can feel pampered. Reserve at least one hour per day to do so. Some “escapes” ideal for private time include: taking a long bubble bath, listening to your favorite CD over and over again, or having breakfast in bed.

8. Work that body. Nothing encourages a beautiful body more than exercise. In addition to physically toning, exercise also tones you mentally. Even after gentle training, creativity levels skyrocket, one more reason to exercise. So, if you prefer low-impact aerobics or a 12-mile run, start moving.

9. Expand your horizons. In today’s accelerated society, knowledge is the way forward. Whether you know the last tax shelter or visit the latest art exhibition, the more you know, the more productive your life can be. Of course, another good reason for acquiring knowledge is the way you will feel satisfied and safe. So read the newspapers, watch at least two news shows per week, go to a museum or take a class.

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10. I appreciate all the really wonderful things you are. Before you can receive love, you need to feel love, self-love. Self-love occurs when you accept yourself for who you are: good and not so good. While it is easy to appreciate your good qualities, it is when you think negatively that you should remember the following words: you are special and deserve the best that life has to offer.

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