How To Ask Someone If They Like You

You don’t have to seem too eager, if you are going to ask someone if they like you. So, here are some ways that can help you do so.

1. Ask Them Out

You can lead into it if without coming right out you ask them if they like you. You can ask them out for drinks and dinner. Everyone’s intention may just come out naturally, once you are alone in private and romantic setting.

2. Be Confident

You need to shake off the worries. The feeling is like a ton of pressure is there on your shoulders, and if they say no you will be mortified. It won’t be so bad in reality. You can move on after feeling silly for a moment or so.

3. Be Direct

It is the best thing to do. Ask them straight up, if you want to know if they like you or not. It shows that you are confident and bold and its no problem going for what you want. It could be a little shocking but it works.

4. Let Them Know Your Intentions

The reaction of some people may not be well to you if you ask whether they like you or not because they don’t know about the result. Let them know that you have no expectations and want to know the truth. If you want a relationship just let them know.

5. Listen

Let them answer, once you ask them if they like you. Let them share how they are feeling and collect their thoughts. Hear them and try not to jump to conclusions. Don’t shut off your listening after hearing that they like you. They may want some more time and maybe are not ready to start dating. They may also say that they are open to a date but don’t like you and want to learn more.

6. Remain Calm

You need to relax as this is a vulnerable moment for you and can change things. It is only one moment in time, no matter what their response is. Try to remain calm when you are talking with this person and can celebrate or break down later.

7. Share How You Feel

In this case, it is necessary to share how you feel. Before knowing how the other person feels, it is difficult for some people to admit their feelings. You may have to spill your guts first if that person is scared. By doing this you are showing that they can trust you and can share their feelings.

8. Tell Them What Made You Question Them

Include your observations when figuring out how to ask someone if they like you. Let them know that they like you because of their certain behaviors. It can clear things up.

9. Text

Texting is an option if you are freaking nervous to ask them if they like you face to face. Things get warped and misunderstood, without body language and facial expressions. You can hide your fear of embarrassment using this technology but many a things are left unanswered.

10. Thank Them For Their Honesty

Things can be made or break by your reaction of asking if they like you. You can embarrass yourself, if you get defensive and weird because they say no. Just be polite and owe your feelings. Again be respectful and move forward.

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