How Do Women Stay Strong In Hard Times?

The image of strong women was once the “ice queen” living an empty or lonely life. Or the woman who needed to have it all together and be perfect. But in our new paradigm, a strong woman is someone who is able to accomplish great things AND get what she wants. We now think of a strong woman as the one who has stood up to difficult circumstances.

Strong women don’t shout from the rooftops how they could have been that way. They have a subtle inner power that makes them strong. So how do women become strong, even if they don’t talk about it?

How Do Women Stay Strong In Hard Times?

1. They stay in their flow

They know their energy is their greatest resource, so they are intentional and stay focused. They are not easily distracted.

They take a step back to introspect when they can react in a way they will later regret. They are self-aware and appreciate the time spent alone to reflect on their role models. They learn from their mistakes rather than punishing themselves in a cycle of shame.

2. They maximize what they can control

They always focus on what they can control. They see life unfolding through them, not theirs, and they appreciate their ability to make an impact on others.

They know that when they embrace their full capabilities of work, love and life, they are unstoppable.

3. They have an abundance mentality

They understand that there is more than enough success for everyone and want to see other people succeed. Strong women are generous without expecting people to recognize them. They don’t take notes on what they’ve done so that others get what they want later.

4. They define themselves

Strong women have their sense of self. They carry a feeling of being good in themselves and don’t need to get it from people outside of them.

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They understand that THEY can determine what they want to believe on their own. That other people’s opinions of themselves are “none of their business”.

They feel deserving and if a job or a personal relationship doesn’t reflect their inner sense of themselves, they know they can change their situation.

5. They set limits

Strong women are strong because they set their own limits.

They intuitively sense when people are “energy vampires”. They assess who in their life is willing to do their part to grow and invest in mutually beneficial relationships.

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