Intelligent women have numerous ideas and thoughts flowing through their minds at all times. In fact, even when they are relaxing or trying to relax, they still stress about some trivial issues simultaneously. But, this is the price a person has to pay for having a brain which functions non-stop, without “off” switch.  In most cases, making wise and intelligent decisions requires what most people consider as “overthinking.”

This happens even if the decision or any given issue at the given moment isn’t complex for an average person.

Their minds simply never stop working.

She is intelligent, which means that she can suggest dozens of possible scenarios for each situation. And when she thinks about it, she worries about things that are unlikely to happen. She’s going crazy. She never has a moment of silence.

She thinks too much because she doesn’t like to be taken by surprise. She likes to know what she’s getting into. She is used to taking control of every situation and does not want to be caught off guard. She wants to plan for anything that could happen.

Whether it is their personal or professional life, they want to master every situation.

Feeling not ready and not knowing what’s the next move is what they hate the most.

That’s why they over-analyze every situation and everyone around them. They over-analyze the way others look at them and talk to them. They over-analyze text messages that other people send them.

Smart women are perceptive and perceptive. They are able to notice everything a person says and does.

These women even try to read the minds of those around them because they want to make sure that they will not be manipulated and deceived.

She tries to read the people around her, so as not to end up going over her limits. She doesn’t want to do something stupid, like falling in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way for her or disturbing a friend who would rather be left alone.

Most people consider her to be a logical person, which she is, but she is also one of the most sensitive people in the world. Her heart is as big as her brain. This is why she feels so strong, worries so deeply.

She’s proud of how smart she is. She’s glad that she can take care of herself. But sometimes, her mind drives her insane. Sometimes, it makes her life even harder. 

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