Here Are The Four Phases Of Life

Life is continuous progress. We all grow, develop and mature. As we continue to advance in life, we move from one stage of life to the next. For some, this transition seems to be a natural process, while others find themselves stuck at certain stages for decades. What is true for all of us is that there are a number of distinct stages in life that we go through once the time is right. These stages are experienced by all humans throughout their lives. By closely analyzing human life, we can identify the model behind these different phases of life. This knowledge of the characteristics of life stages can help you shift gears in terms of your own growth and your quest for success. The following will present an analysis of the human life cycle. It will show you where people are usually trapped and what you can do to free yourself from it.

So now let’s read about the four phases of life:

First Phase: MIMICRY

We are born helpless. We can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t feed ourselves, can’t even do our own works. As children, the way we are wired to learn is by watching and imitating others.

Here Are The Four Phases Of Life

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  • We first learn to do physical skills like walking and speaking.
  • Then we develop our skills by looking, observing and imitating our people around us.
  • Finally, at the end of childhood, we learn to adapt to our culture by observing the rules and norms around us and by trying to behave in a manner generally considered acceptable by society.
  • The objective of the first step is to teach us how to function within society so that we can be autonomous and self-sufficient adults.
  • The idea is that adults in the community around us help us reach this point by supporting our ability to make decisions and act for ourselves.


The second step is to learn what differentiates us from the people and culture around us.

  • It requires us to start making decisions for ourselves, to test ourselves and to understand ourselves and what makes us unique.
  • It involves a lot of trial and error and experimentation. We experiment by living in new places, meeting new people, absorbing new substances and playing with the holes of new people.
  • It is a process of self-discovery. We try things. Some are fine, Some do not. The goal is to stick with those who are doing well and move on. There are people who never allow themselves to experience limitations – either because they refuse to admit their failures, or because they delude themselves into believing that their limitations do not exist. These people are stuck in the second stage.


The third step is the great consolidation of his life.

  • Take out the friends who exhaust you and hold you back.
  • Take out the activities and hobbies that are an insane waste of time.
  • Take out the old dreams that are clearly not coming true anytime soon. Then you double what you do best and what works best for you.
  • You double the most important relationships in your life. You double on one mission in life, whether to work on the global energy crisis or to become a brain expert or have a bunch of slobbery and slobbery kids. Either way, the third step is when you did it. It is to maximize your own potential in this life. It’s about building your legacy.
  • What will people remember? Whether it’s a groundbreaking study, an amazing new product, or a worshiping family, the third step is to leave the world a little different from how you found it.

Fourth Phase: LEGACY

People arrive at stage four after spending about half a century investing in what they thought was important.

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  • They did great things, worked hard, become successful, earned almost everything they go maybe had a great family or started charity or political and now they’re done.
  • They have reached the age when their energy and their situation no longer allow them to achieve their goal.
  • The objective of the fourth step is then becoming not to create an inheritance as much as to simply ensure that this inheritance lasts beyond death.

It could be something as simple as supporting and counseling their children (now adults) and living vicariously through them. This could mean transmitting their projects and working with an apprentice. It could also mean becoming more politically active to maintain their values ​​in a society they no longer recognize.

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