Happy vs Unhappy Couples

ALL relationships have challenges of happy, sad and even unfortunate experiences. However, the relationship counselor said that the health of a relationship and ultimately what will determine whether you will be happy or unhappy is determined by what you invest and your management of all spheres of the relationship. The one where you cheat on your partner. The one where you live at home with your lover, to live a parallel life by becoming more unhappy and more lonely.

Happy vs Unhappy Couples

Happy couples establish and maintain open communication links

The foundation of any strong and happy relationship is to be open and have an open door policy with your partner. Happy couples talk about everything; they turn to their partners for advice and are ready to listen and compromise. On the other hand unhappy couples tend to want to manage things themselves; because they have abandoned the essential element of teamwork by not communicating with their partners. Instead, they complain to others about difficulties with their partners and they live as roommates rather than a couple because they do not have the privacy of communication.

Happy vs Unhappy Couples

Happy couples have mutually agreed on conflict management strategies

Understanding and deciding on an effective conflict management strategy is very important in a relationship. This will ensure that when situations of high conflict arise and the couple does not easily reach a compromise, they can consult their established system. By doing so, they will be better to resolve any misunderstanding they may have without feeling blinded or lost to their partner. When this is absent in a relationship, it leaves room for many things; On the one hand, the couple will end up making individual decisions that can ruin their relationship.

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Happy couples maintain trust and are honest with each other

While happy couples trust each other wholeheartedly and share everything, unhappy couples sneak behind their partner’s back, often find themselves in compromising positions and situations and fail to share with their partners.

Happy couples maintain mutual respect and avoid the use of demeaning terms to each other

Happy couples are respectful even in the face of conflict, while unhappy couples are disrespectful at the slightest sign of conflict. One or both partners in unhappy relationships tend to degrade the other with unkind words.

Happy couples share a healthy sense of humour and make time to have fun

In happy relationships a sense of humor is important. Connecting with your partner on a level that you know will make them laugh is also a sign of a healthy relationship. On the other hand, unhappy couples are more rigid and quicker to take offense when the partners only make jokes.

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Happy couples commit to having each other’s back

Being with your partner at all times is very important. When you don’t support your partner, you are making room for someone else and your partner may have doubts about the authenticity of your love for him. When a negative event occurs in a healthy and happy relationship, the partners come together to discuss the event. Each partner builds on the other partner’s point of view, even if they disagree. They sympathize with the underlying emotions and may even laugh during the disagreement. As the underlying wound is addressed, the event is completed by the mind and is no longer hiding in the sea of ​​your consciousness, waiting to be replayed again and again.

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