I am generally a happy person and grateful that health, financial security, and food are on the table. With the profound loss of loved ones, jobs, virus shocks and other tragic consequences of this epidemic, I feel almost guilty about my fear. Whatever I have, I don’t experience any moments of satisfaction or happiness.

And I remember that word because we all wished each other happy holidays and a happy new year. I don’t feel it. Is there anything I can do during these difficult times to feel some level of happiness?

Five scientifically backed exercises that promote happiness.

Be Social:

One study found that people scored the highest 10th percentile on happy polls and that one activity that set them apart was that happy people were more social. The results lead the researchers to conclude that social life is a necessary prerequisite for a high level of happiness.

Expressing gratitude:

Studies show that grateful people are happier and have less of the stress hormone cortisol. Health care workers who express gratitude by writing in a gratitude journal are less stressed and depressed. People with chronic pain expressing gratitude improve sleep quality and mood.

Sleep and walk:

Sleep is important for physical and mental health. We know about sleep hygiene as if there is no equipment in the bedroom just to use the bedroom to sleep. Exercise is just as important to increasing happiness. One study found that one hour of cardio exercise on a stationary bike can reduce feelings of stress, anger, depression, and fatigue.

Stay in the moment:

A growing body of research shows that we feel better if we only focus on this moment – here and now. For example, just meditating for five to ten minutes a day can increase focus, mood, and alleviate negative emotions that often lead to negative behaviors.

Be Kind:

Those who focus on the needs of others are the happiest of reports. They do random money deals, volunteer work, or just plain kindness. Is equally important in itself. We need to remember that most of the time we do the best we can. Harsh self-criticism and unrealistic expectations do not lead to happiness.

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