Hacks For Getting A Raise, From Women At The Top

The study found that younger women are becoming increasingly frank when it comes to demanding a larger salary package, negotiating wages more than the previous generation. Then, hopefully, the gap is on its way to closing even more. To speed up the process, here are 13 tricks to get a raise, from women on top.

Do your research first

Increases will rarely be granted if your only reason to ask is “because I’ve been here longer” or “because someone on another team got one.” Focus on having some clear and persuasive things for which you know it is worth paying more. Think about the ways you have made an extra effort or additional projects. It is those aspects that should be highlighted. “- Bee Horton, senior digital marketing manager.

Hacks For Getting A Raise, From Women At The Top

Always make an extra effort with your work, because superiors * will notice *

I had been working in this restaurant for several years, and when I was old enough to serve alcohol legally, I probably took it too seriously: I always memorized the wines presented, the rotating beers and the specials, and tried to make all my guests leave. with a smile. Finally, our owner hired a new manager, who later announced that he would manage the new restaurant we were opening. I didn’t know this new manager for a long time, but she saw how well I did with the training of the new servers I had hired. I mentioned the fact that if I ever needed an assistant manager, I would love to learn more and serve you. After talking with the owner, they agreed to give me the job! “

Use check-in meetings to discuss raises

When I added some responsibilities to my plate at work, I did some research to see what those around me were doing in similar roles. I have a permanent update meeting with my boss every week, and I requested an increase during that meeting. I led with that agenda item to get him out of the way. I explained how the way I share my work hours has changed due to my new responsibilities, and how my day is more like that of people with higher degrees. Then I said: ‘And with that in mind, I wonder if you can make my compensation coincide with these new duties.’ He was very realistic and asked me how much I earned and what I was looking to do. I had a number in mind and I said it with confidence. She said she would look at the budget and answer me. Three days later he told me he would give me the increase. Actually, it was super simple in the end, and I wish I had asked for it before.

Own your success

If you ask a woman why they did a good job, what they will say is that someone helped them, they were lucky … Why is it important? Well, it matters a lot, because nobody gets the promotion if they don’t believe they deserve their success or if they don’t even understand their own success.”

Find a partner who has a common goal

We approach the situation in detail and logic, making sure that we enter that room thinking of any possible argument; ultimately, we worked as a team and trusted each other to reach our mutual goal. It was great to have a soundboard, but it was also very good to know that my feelings were valid, because she too felt the same way.

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Think like a man

“Men take jobs, and negotiate a higher salary, when they feel 60 percent qualified, but women wait until they feel 100 percent qualified and usually do not negotiate. I spent two years in a job where they paid me very badly, and it really bothered my confidence. But once I started interviewing, nobody looked at my salary range and got a better job with a 35 percent increase. “

Do your homework and look for numerical data to make your case even stronger.

In my annual review, I told my boss that I grew the brand in X amount of new orders and that I knew what our numbers were, so I was sure that my hard work was worth it. I was impressed, he gave me a big raise and told me he was ready for a promotion. Basically, get ready. If you have access to the data, look for annual sales, etc. Do your homework, be confident and talk. “

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Be comfortable with awkward silences

Get comfortable with occasional episodes of awkward silence. In sales, this is something in which people receive constant training. You must stop selling against them. That’s what happens when you keep talking. You should ask a question, then shut up and give the other person the opportunity to answer.

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