Family Oriented Man: 15 Reasons Why He’s Boyfriend Material

So, you have been dating this guy for quite some time now and you feel like you could imagine having a serious relationship with him, you probably wondering is he boyfriend material or not. Some people feel being in a relationship is only attractive when a person is ready to settle down or build a commitment or if they’ve found someone that they’re not willing to let go of that easily and easily irreplaceable.

First thing first, you need to know what is the definition of boyfriend material. Boyfriend material is someone who takes care of you and who loves you more than anything.

Family Oriented Man: 15 Reasons Why He’s Boyfriend Material

You comes to that point that you should be thinking of someone whom you can imagine yourself having a long-term relationship with or even spending your life with them and build a family. Not all men are classed as boyfriend material, even not many taken men are boyfriend material (true!). It can be hard to find out if they’re boyfriend material or not in the beginning of relationship. So here are the tips to identify boyfriend materials:

He Introduces You to His Friends

If your man waits too long to introduce you to his friends, you shoulb be curious. Because no one that is in serious relationship would hide their partner. Instead he will let all his friends know about his partner and he wants his parter to know his friends.

His communication skills are on point

A man close to his family is used to talking, and talking a lot. It’s simply inevitable. And his communication skills have been forged from a young age. He is a good listener and great at giving advice. He can also spend a lot of time talking about sweet nothings. A girl could really use more of that these days. Serious conversations don’t scare him either.

He is used to sitting down with his family to discuss whatever needs to be discussed and finding a way to handle a situation.

He is there through thick or thin

There is one thing about a healthy family that captures the essence of every relationship. Whatever happens, they stick together. They are there even when everything is falling apart. That is why this man will be your greatest support through all the rough days.

He knows that life is not always fair and that it can serve you a few curveballs down the line, that’s why he doesn’t expect you to be all smiles and giggles all the time.

Man Who Let’s His Girl Have Her Own Space

Get a man who is not possessive to you and trust you. A man who is boyfriend material will understand that you have a life and friends. We as a girl don’t want to feel like our man trying to control everything. The more space your man gace you, the more time you wants to spend time with him.

He Will Support Your Decision

A man who really love you and into you will never makes you feel bad about your decision, instead they will support you and gave loads of motivation whenever you feeling down. And even if he does not agree with you, he will explain why he does not agree with you in a nice way.

He Will Always Open and Honest With You

Perfect man will always honest and be open with you, they usually feels bad whenever he is not telling you the truth even the truth hurts. You should never have question about how is his feeling.

He spends a lot of time with his family, so he’ll spend a lot of time with you too

He loves spending time with his family. For him, wherever they are, home is right there. No matter how busy he is, he will make time for them. Odds are he will transfer this behavior and needs into his relationship with you. The deeper you get into your relationship, the more attached he will get. He will start to look at you as one of his most precious family members in a way.

He will put you way high on his priority list and make sure he spends enough time with you.

He hopes that he will one day have a family like the one he was raised in

Men who were raised in happy homes naturally aspire to make a home for themselves one day. So your family oriented man will be a bit traditional and probably want a wife, kids, a dog, and a car – the whole package – and there’s nothing wrong with that. They know that not everything will be milk and honey all the time, but they know that the positives always outweigh the negatives.

If you build a stable relationship together and he realizes that you are his forever person, he will get down on one knee before you know it.

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A man who is classed as a boyfriend material will make certain compromises to get close to you. Maybe he start to keeping his car clean so you can put your stuff there or he keep his house clean so you have your own space there. Man who is not boyfriend material will never be ready for changes in their lives for someone else and may be put blame on you for trying to disrupt their life at the moment.

He Always wWants to Improve to Be Better

I believe self improvements in relationship, good man wouls do this and try to get rid of their bad behavior for his partner. For the example, before he staes you he partying every night, woke up with hangover or the worst is that he was a player before he met you. But then he met you and you changed his life, he decided to improve himself and s=don’t want to do the same behavior in the past. He will try to win your heart.

He Is Not Shy to Hold Your Hands in Public

I personally like holding hand with my partner, holding hands means so much to me. I believe good boyfriend will not shy to hold your hands whilst you hang out. It’s kinda showing that you’re his. And this kind of make other ladies out there jealous because you man is such a gentleman!

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He Will Consider You As His Best Friend Too

By the end of the day, he should want to spend time with you over anyone else, he feel like you are not a burden. And feels comfortable to be with you, you should be feel the same way as him. You make him attracted to you in a good way.

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