Facts About The Women Body

If you live in a woman’s body, you probably know how complex and multifaceted it can be. No woman’s body is the same as another; we can be fat or thin, trans or cis, tall or short, disabled or disabled. Some of us choose to get pregnant, give birth and breastfeed, while others choose not to become mothers. There is no shortage of diversity among us.

We are never taught about the positivity of the body or how our bodies are going to change and this is completely normal as far as female bodies are concerned.

Facts About The Women Body

Thanks to this ignorance at the beginning of life, many women learn to live with unanswered questions, a mind full of doubts and serious problems of self-esteem. From uneven breasts to daily losses, women often experience completely normal things. But instead of feeling normal, they challenge their bodies and develop serious body awareness.

So, let’s start reading the Facts About The Women Body:

Your breasts don’t match

Oh wait! Are you serious? Well, that might surprise you a little, but our bodies are not at all symmetrical. If your right breast is smaller than your left or vice versa, this is perfectly normal. If for good reason they are symmetrical, then you are lucky to have very good genes, daughter.

Your breasts are saggy

With age, your skin loses its elasticity. Many other factors such as smoking, breastfeeding and rapid weight loss can also contribute to saggy breasts. But do not worry because it is completely normal.

You have hair around your nipples

We have sebaceous glands and hair follicles all over our body, so it’s perfectly normal for there to be a few strands of hair on your nipples. This can happen due to hormonal fluctuations in your body and sometimes certain medications can speed up this development. But all things considered, this is completely normal.

First-time sex can be painful

When you have sex for the first time, it maybe makes you feel a little uncomfortable. Your vagina has never experienced anything like this. So you have to get used to it, to finally be comfortable. However, if the pain persists, it is time that you see your gynecologist.

Your vagina smells

Trust me, it is normal for your vagina to have a distinct odor. Our vaginas have a natural scent and as long as it doesn’t smell like rotten fish, it’s perfectly fine. When he starts to smell the fish, see your doctor and have him checked. It can be an unpleasant infection or just hormones.

You have vaginal discharge

Clear, white discharge on a regular basis is actually healthy. It’s the way our vagina keeps itself clean. However, you should be concerned if the discharge changes color.

In the aspects of cleaning your vagina, it is always recommended to use lukewarm water to clean it instead of applying soap. Our vaginas keep their own pH scale, but when they come in contact with soap, they change their pH, making them prone to infection.

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Your vagina feels dry

Are you excited, but you don’t feel very wet there? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal for some women to be dry at times. If this problem prevents you from enjoying sex, you can always ask your partner to use a lubricant. If the problem persists and becomes heavy, we suggest that you consult your gynecologist soon.

You can hear your vagina fart after sex

Vaginal farts are more common than you might think. They are called “Queefs” and they occur for various reasons. Most often, they occur when air enters and leaves the vagina. If this happens during sex, all you have to do is tell your partner, if they are not already. However, if it happens through physical exercise or if it bothers you, try to practice Kegels.

You can feel bumps on your vagina

Completely normal. The bumps you feel on your vagina are most likely ingrown hairs. This happens when you have been shaved or shaved recently and the hair begins to grow inward. If they do, it could be folliculitis or another skin infection. In this case, you may want to have it checked by a doctor.

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Your labia looks odd

Thanks to porn, vaginal creams, and other vaginal beautification treatments, we have come to believe that our vagina should look some way. It should be small, small and clean with beautiful lips. But unfortunately, this is not the truth. Each vagina looks and feels different, especially our labium. Contrary to what people might lead you to believe, having floppy and large lips are completely normal. If they seem disproportionate, it’s always good. If your labium is small, that’s fine.

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