Excuses to Give Up If You Want to Be Successful

Excuses. We all have them. That moment you wake up and just don’t feel like “it.” Whatever “it” was. Called off of work and gave the excuse of being sick when you just wanted a personal day. Set aside a goal because you’re just too busy to accomplish it right now. Been there, done that.

Success is not easy and it is certainly not guaranteed, IF you want to be successful you NEED to give up these things.. how many of these do you do? See if you qualify for success and get started today!

Excuses to Give Up If You Want to Be Successful

I will Start Tomorrow

I will start on Monday. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start soon. Have you ever made any of these excuses? These are all excuses that can hinder our success. What if you started today?

Starting right now can help you learn and will also help you grow! Start now with research on how to be successful. Grab a book on how to be successful or even watch videos related to your niche. You’ll learn what works now for success later.

Think about this. You have a bank account with $0 in it. You have the money (resources) to invest in your bank account (yourself), but you choose to do something else or nothing at all (excuses). If you continue to wait and not invest, that bank account will never grow. So, start early. Start today. Start now!

I Don’t Have Any Motivation

Lacking motivation can sometimes mean a lack of discipline, passion, or purpose. What are your purposes and desire?

Your passion should motivate you not to make excuses. Desire is what you breathe, and sleep. Take that and use it to drive yourself. Find other people with the same passion and connect.

Discipline should drive you to do what’s right and do what needs to be done to be successful. Waking up early because you know that you have a busy schedule planned is discipline. Promptly setting goals and achieving them is discipline. Discipline will drive you to be motivated.

I Am too Busy

Doesn’t nobody have time for that? Right? No, wrong. We make time for what is important to us. Sometimes we have the mentality that what we want is sometimes not available to us because we don’t have time to obtain it.

Well, guess, what? Steve Jobs, Beyonce, and Michael Jordan all had 24 hours in the day. You do too. Success is not limited by time. We just have to know how to manage our time. Take a look at your schedule. Eliminate any unnecessary items that could be hindering your success. Take that free time to invest in your success.

Proper time management will turn your “too busy” mentality into “Wow, I’ve been productive today!” Choose productivity over-busyness. Don’t just run around and do errands with no plan. Be productive with your time by planning your day appropriately.

I Don’t Want to Fail

Nobody wants to fail. Plain and simple. Failure is sometimes discouraging but change your thought process to shed some light on the word fail. Failure can sometimes be a great learning tool.

If you fail, get back up and try something different. That idea may have been right but may have failed because there is something better. Figure out why you failed so that you can figure out what works best. Successful people fail sometimes, but failure leaves less room for excuses and more room for growth.

In that video game or 150th level of candy crush, you may have failed a couple times, right? You start the level over and figure out different combinations and moves to reach the next level. Apply that to your life. You may have failed in a particular idea or concept for a business, but figure out something different so that you can reach the next level of success.

It’s Too Hard

Success doesn’t come easy. Yes, it’s hard work. If victory were easy then everyone would be successful right?

Dig out that self-confidence and keep moving towards your goals. If you start now, it’ll be easier to keep going and to keep growing. Discipline yourself enough to make successful habits. Wake up early and allow yourself to be inspired.

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Don’t let the busyness and chaos of this world overwhelm you. Take some time to manage yourself. Manage your own personal goals and then strive to achieve them! Remember as you go higher on the success ladder, the next level might be hard, but it is achievable if you’ll allow yourself to grow.

I Can’t Do It Alone

Well, guess what? You’re not alone! There is a niche, a Facebook group, and a Pinterest board out there for everyone! There are so many resources available now on the Internet that we will never have to strive for success alone ever again. Back in the day, you could read books about how successful people “made it” but now you can watch videos online or attend conferences as well for encouragement.

Yes, it’s incredible to have that personal support from family or friends. Someone to tell you that everything is going to be okay, but sometimes we have to be encouraging to ourselves.

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Lacking self-confidence is the root of most excuses. Confidence will lead to self-lead success. Make sure you’re uplifting yourself so that you can be uplifting to others!

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