There are many rules and rules of etiquette about the right kind of behavior for each situation (i.e., party, funeral, parent/teacher interview, etc.). You may not know all this, so it is better to be prepared and take the best step forward in all situations. These are the rules of etiquette that every woman cannot fail to follow.

  1. When a woman gets into a car, she should sit on the edge of the seat and “pull” her legs towards the car. When you get out of the car, you must put your feet on the road and then stand up. It is not a good label to get in a car.
  2. Dress appropriately. Needless to say, but you should always find out what the dress code is at an event, meeting or restaurant. Then follow him.
  3. Leave your phone in your pocket. Do not take it out during meetings. It’s rude.
  4. Men are no longer required to pick up a lady to go to a party together. If the woman has her own car, they can meet at the party place.
  5. Use professional headshots. For your business profile on LinkedIn or other websites, do not post a photo of yourself on the beach. They will not take you seriously.
  6. Always verify that you have selected the correct email recipient. You don’t want to send the email to the wrong person!
  7. If you need to leave a party early, just ask the hosts for a moment and tell them to leave. Do not say goodbye to the other guests, as they could take it as a signal to leave.
  8. You can put lipstick on the table. However, you should only apply mascara and powders in the bathroom.
  9. Large items such as umbrellas, large bags or briefcases should be left in a wardrobe (unless they carry something valuable). A woman should keep her bag with her at all times.
  10. If you have to do more than fix your hair, you must go to the bathroom. For example, to tie a tie, touch up your makeup or brush your hair.
  11. Always break bread with your hands. When you are at a business dinner or lunch, divide the roll in half and cut one piece at a time while eating it.
  12. Do not forget the rules of etiquette when you are at home. For example, it is very rude to shout from another room. In addition, you may get used to that behavior and make a bad impression on other people.
  13. Do not put a tablespoon on the table during dinner or after. Leave the spoon in the bowl so as not to dirty the tablecloth.
  14. When holding a cup of tea, place your fingers back and forth on the handle.
  15. However, you can take your fingers around the handle when drinking coffee.
  16. If you are sitting in a low chair, do not cross your legs. Keep your knees together and lean them to the side. You can cross your legs only if you place one foot just behind the other.
  17. Remember: when you are at work, it is not right to put on makeup or put your bag or hat on your desk. Find a different place for that.
  18. It’s okay to fix your hair in the wardrobe, but you shouldn’t put on makeup, brush your hair or tie your tie.
  19. If you go in your own car, your boyfriend can accompany you to the car and make sure you close the doors safely. Of course, you can offer to give him a ride if he lives nearby.
  20. Do not ask for anything too expensive. Follow the example of your host. If they say you can enjoy the steak or lobster, do it, but otherwise, select an item such as chicken that is more wallet-friendly.
  21. If your guests brought food and drinks, place them on the table so everyone can see.
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