Empowering Morning Ritual to Start a Day

The start of the day is so crucial because it sets up and prepares you for the rest of the day. If you find yourself wanting to go back as soon as you wake up, you may need to reassess your morning rituals.

I haven’t always been in the morning, but as soon as I established a new morning routine, I felt more energized by the day. Make the most of your mornings with these 7-morning rituals.

Empowering Morning Ritual to Start a Day

Empowering Morning Ritual to Start a Day

1. Gratitude

Feeling gratitude and appreciation for these little signs and moments of joy that occur in your life is probably one of the most overlooked or underrated rituals. It’s a perfect morning ritual to start your day on a very positive note. The real power of gratitude is that it makes you choose and focus on what works in your life – what is in tune with your being as a whole. It is selectively positive. It enhances happiness and positivity by highlighting those awesome things, big or small, that adorn your everyday life. Very often we simply choose the pain points, the problems, the bottlenecks, everything that does not work in our life and causes friction, anxiety and unhappiness. It is like constantly rewriting the scenario of your life with a negative or tragic connotation. Your subconscious faithfully follows the script you write, whether negative or positive.

Feeling gratitude is undoubtedly an extremely stimulating ritual. Start your day by being thankful for those positive things that happened the day before or throughout the week. It could be something really small and small. Whatever. You might be grateful for an unexpected visit from an old friend, a nice meeting with a nice stranger, a new opportunity, or anything that shines in your path.

2. Writing down your most important tasks

It is a very practical ritual. Start your day by identifying and writing down one to three of the most important tasks you need to accomplish during that day. These tasks are those that support important long-term goals that are aligned with your goal, your passion, or your general direction in life. For example, if writing a book or building an online community are important long-term goals that are aligned with your personal growth, then an important task of the day could be finishing one or two pages of the book or proposing a new one. content ideas for the online community. What is important with this ritual is that you identify these tasks and complete them as early as possible during the day. Of course, you will have other tasks besides the ones you write down, but these are tasks that can be processed later or grouped and performed in one go.

Writing down your most important tasks in the morning helps you focus your day and your life on the essentials. It helps you prioritize and better manage your time. As a result, you simplify your life by applying your focus and energy on what really matters to your overall life progression.

3. Affirm your goals in writing or drawing

Writing down your most important tasks of the day is one way to have a concrete action structure to follow. Stating your goals, on the other hand, is a very powerful way to crystallize your vision and your goals in life in your daily mental space. Writing or jotting down your goals on a piece of paper helps you outsource those goals by shaping them. In return, they are reflected in your subconscious, thus strengthening and integrating them further.

An example of this would be to write “I am doing better in my career” or “I become healthier and stronger through my exercise”. Notice that the present tense is used to tell you that you are already in the process. Remember the life scenario we subconsciously follow? You are essentially modifying the script to apply now in the present. Drawing or scribbling can be just as effective, if not more effective (if you are more of a visual person) as they sum up a graphical representation of your goals. For example, if your goal is to build a new house or live in another country, you can draw the house or draw things that symbolize the country in which you want to live.

4. Qi Gong exercises

According to Chinese philosophy, Qi (pronounced “Chee”) means the life force or energy inherent in all things and Qi Gong is the practice to cultivate and circulate this energy in your body. It may sound esoteric or complicated, but in reality, Qi Gong is really a set of simple exercises aimed at increasing your health and vitality. There are many forms and practices available for free on online media.

5. Hot Water with Lemon

Just add a lemon slice to a glass of hot water and drink one every morning. It is a very simple ritual that I faithfully respect each morning. Besides being a good source of vitamin C and a great way to flush out toxins in the morning, it balances and maintains PH levels in the body, reduces pain and inflammation in the joints and knees, and helps nourish brain and nerve cells.

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6. Rise Earlier

The practical benefits of early waking up are obvious. For example, you gain more time for exercise such as walking, cycling or Qi Gong as suggested above. You gain more time to be with yourself to reflect, meditate or, more importantly, perform the other morning rituals! Getting up early can, therefore, be considered the foundation of all other morning rituals. Many, like me, find that they are most productive in the early hours of the day.

In addition, various studies have shown that there are many other benefits of waking up an hour or two earlier in the morning. For example, sleeping early and waking up early has been shown to help the body adapt to the earth’s circadian rhythms, thereby promoting more restful sleep.

7. Listen to uplifting music

In itself, this ritual is obvious. Listening to inspiring kinds of music during the morning can have a direct impact on your mood for the rest of the day. It loads us emotionally and gives us a more positive view of the day ahead. Most people wake up listening to music on the way to work. Very often, however, they tune into a radio or randomly choose a playlist on their device. Being more selective and aware of the music you listen to in the morning can have a big impact on your day and your life in general. Try listening to more uplifting music in the morning even if, or especially if, your mood doesn’t dictate it.

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It’s funny how we try to choose music based on our mood. For example, if you feel depressed or disappointed with something, you are more likely to listen to music that reflects that mood – for example the blues, sad songs or downtempo music. This has the effect of strengthening this mood. What you need to do is the exact opposite and re-tune your mood by listening to music that has a rhythm different from that mood.

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