Common Workplace Mishaps

The workplace can be risky, even more so in an industrial field. Many factors can cause accidents, ranging from overwork to improper handling of hazardous materials. There is also a multitude of variables that can contribute to or influence an incident in the workplace. Here are five of the most common causes of workplace accidents:

A Deadline Is Approaching, and You’re Going to Miss It

It’s in the afternoon, you just realized that you have a mission to come tomorrow. There is no way to finish the project on time, as you still have at least two days of work to do. Do not despair! There is hope.

Common Workplace Mishaps

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  1. 1. Accept responsibility: Acknowledge your poor time management or receiving unexpected additional assignments.
  2. Admit the situation: Think about your implementation plan. How much time do you need after the deadline? What steps on what schedule will it take to complete the project? Inform your manager immediately.
  3. Be honest in your justification: Avoid blaming someone else. Immediately and sincerely apologize to your supervisor. Present potential solutions and ask for feedback before implementing them. When the project is finished, think of ways to avoid this in the future. Schedule tasks on your calendar, make weekly team recordings and set phone alarms.

Overexertion Injuries

This includes injuries related to pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, transporting and throwing at work. Overwork is the first and also the most costly workplace injury, accounting for $ 3.4 million in benefit costs per year.

Your Officemate Is Driving You Nuts

Whether you are dealing with a conversation, a crazy colleague or a demanding personality, working with difficult people is stressful. However, creating a friendly team atmosphere provides a better experience for everyone. Additionally, being able to deal with and overcome interpersonal conflict is a key soft skill to have in your arsenal.

  1. Stay professional and keep your emotions in check. Do not involve other colleagues in the problem and do not ask others to take sides.
  2. Instead, research and discuss potential solutions with a trusted spouse, mentor or friend. Get to know your colleague better and try to understand how he works.
  3. If significant problems arise in the workplace, immediately contact HR.

You Make an Honest Mistake

You just finished a report to the team that includes several data points pulled from an internal analysis. To your horror, a colleague whispers in your ear that a key percentage is reversed. The report has been sent out to upper management. What to do?

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  1. Business professionals make mistakes. It can be embarrassing to admit the truth, but confronting mistakes demonstrates your maturity and helps in the long run.
  2. Accept responsibility; don’t hide your mistake. Don’t blame others for your mistake.
  3. Apologize and learn from it. Double- and triple-check your work in the future to avoid a repeat.
  4. Move forward and continue to do good work to build trust with your coworkers and boss.

You Have an Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction

Whether your clothes accidentally tear or your cleavage is too revealing, it is important to maintain a professional appearance in the workplace. Here are tips to prevent and repair a wardrobe malfunction: If you’re headed for an interview, research the culture of the office wardrobe beforehand.

  1. As a new employee, read the written dress code policy carefully and also follow the unwritten code.
  2. Keep a jacket, dress, or other emergency clothing in your work area in the event of a coffee spill.
  3. A scarf is a practical accessory to keep on hand when a little camouflage is necessary. Look in a full-length mirror and ask yourself if your outfit is suitable for meeting your partner’s family members.
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