Under international human rights law, everyone has the right to freedom of expression and the freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs. The way people dress can be significant expression of their identity or of their religious, cultural or personal beliefs. Like a Generally, the rights to freedom of religion or belief and to freedom of expression involve that everyone should be free to choose what – and what not – to wear. Norms associated with dress codes are often one of the ways in which ideas and stereotypes on gender identity and roles are conveyed in law, policy and practice. Often they impact women much more heavily because states and other actors estimate the right to regulate the dress of women as a symbolic embodiment of values, whether or not these values ​​are shared by the individuals whose forced. Dress codes can be a manifestation of underlying discriminatory attitudes and reflect a desire to control women’s sexuality, objectify women and deny their autonomy.

Fashion is more than just an industry that comes up with newer trends, outfits and pieces of clothing. The age-old rules no longer apply. Concepts like androgyny always existed but are more visible in today’s times. The whole point of being fashionable and stylish is to understand that there are really no rules. There never were. Picking out an outfit should be a fun, enjoyable experience. I try my best to experiment because I love to and not because that is the norm. Fashion is not just about wearing clothes that look amazing, but also about creativity, experimentation and breaking the norm. The acceptance has increased; especially, in the cities, you can see the boldness and nonchalant attitude people have when it comes to their style. Social media plays a huge part in really exposing people to trends around the world.

If there’s one freedom that everyday style has won in the last few years, it’s the freedom from rigid fashion rules. No more ‘this is not for your body type’ or ‘you can’t wear print-on-print’ or ‘sneakers are not formal’. Style is no longer guided by strict rules and it is being championed by a community of lifestyle influencers who are breaking every rule in the fashion game – one outfit at a time.

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