Classy Words to Use to Sound like a Lady …

Do you speak fast? Slow? Do you swear too much?

How about your enunciation? Do you properly pronounce syllable?

Classy Words to Use to Sound like a Lady …

What about your vocabulary? Do you say ummm… or like too often?

Are you low toned? Or possibly squeaky?

Besides your beauty and appearance, the way you speak can have a huge impact on how people think of you. It may display a feeling of balance or roughness. It is a very powerful and effective means of communication and knowing how to do it gracefully really helps! I found that their way of speaking had a good rhythm and their tone was also pleasing to the ears. Usually, you can listen to them for hours and talk about everything. Be that woman!


Undoubtedly, it can be used to replace “certainly” or “definitely”. This is something you can say when you are positive about something, such as how gas prices will undoubtedly rise again this year.


People will not take you seriously if you constantly throw slang and profanity. Again, another way to stupefy yourself. It sounds very immature and many people will dismiss you as someone who is credible, and being elegant couldn’t be further. Using slang is also frowned upon, as many people don’t always know what they mean. Especially for people like me! I’m not that old and I haven’t been in school too long, but when some teenagers speak today, I google what they say. Quite embarrassing! Slang words can get old-fashioned (that is, take a cold pill or my bad one), so like everything else, I am timeless and that way, you will never seem overwhelming!


Trust me, when you pause and think before you speak you won’t pause for that long. Don’t be worried that you’re going to look like an airhead or you don’t understand. Think of exactly what you want to say, and then think of how you want to word it…then speak.


Alas is “an expression of grief, pity, or concern.” That means that you should only use it when something isn’t going your way. You can say, “I love The Walking Dead. Alas, I forgot to tape the newest episode.”


It’s sometimes a battle I lose, but then that means I just have to work harder at it. I usually always win in the end! This does help quite a bit! Calm down by slowing your breathing. Remind yourself to relax and to slow down everything.


Going for it simply means “attractive.” It’s just a more unique way of saying it because the word is not often used. It is important to broaden your vocabulary so that you can appear as intelligent, sophisticated or eloquent as you wish. What is your favorite word that makes you look chic?


Especially when you are indoors! This may be the most important of all. When you are close to others, you should always respect their space and not speak too loud so that everyone can hear everything. I understand a few sentences they can hear. But your entire conversation should only be heard by the one for which it is intended. The same goes for the cell phone. It is not anyone’s business of what is going on in your life or that of your friend. It really takes away your grace and your charm when you are so strong that everyone can hear your stories or your voice. When you are in public, remember that you don’t want others to hear you, and then you will stop talking loudly to others. Talk to the person you want to talk to when they get close or at least in a reasonable space.

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Have you ever found someone who talks so nice that you just want them to keep talking because you just admire the way they talk? I’m not talking about their accent, but also their way of speaking. This can distinguish you from other people around you. Find your personal rhythm and stick to it. Does he have a nice ring at the end of the sentence or is it slower? You probably already have a rhythm and you may not even know it. Just try listening to it now and keep improving it. Pay attention to the way you speak, listen to the way you say a sentence, once you’ve noticed it, you can try to work on it and make it more flattering.


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Please, thank you, you are welcome, hello, goodbye … these are perhaps the most important words of the English language! I think the world would be a better place if everyone at least followed this one! I find that people forget these words so often that it is irritating! How hard it is to say thank you or please, and yet the reaction is enormous! When you show gratitude, it makes others happy to do something for you. Don’t even underestimate the power of being polite! It really gets you where you need to be. People will respond to you better. If you ever get frustrated or angry, use your manners even more and it can help spread the word before it gets worse.

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