Career Barriers That A Women Face

Now a days, more and more women have the opportunity to take on a variety of professions, not only working in traditionally female jobs, but also as a manager or other important position in the workplace. However, still having some information shows that the possibility for women have limits, I want to know why women still have limits in the workplace and is this common.

Institutional minds

Powerful sociological and psychological wiring means that men are judged by a more lenient standard than women which is even more pronounced in traditional, male dominated cultures.

Career Barriers That A Women Face

Compared to decades past, women have made strides in reaching managerial positions once monopolized by men. However, the career advancement opportunities for women are still considerably less than those for men. Researchers estimates that while women in developing countries represent almost half of the total workforce, only 5 percent of them hold managerial positions. A worrying fact is that while there appear to be equal opportunities for men and women in entry-level positions, the road to the higher levels is unfortunately blocked for women. While it is undeniable that the larger composition of the female workforce is one of the most positive social changes of the 21st century, the fight for equal opportunities persists as women are still excluded from positions of power. high level in the organizational hierarchy.

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This phenomenon has been called the “glass ceiling,” a term originally used in 1986 by a Wall Street reporter to refer to the status of women in the corporate world. The term was coined to describe the complex barriers that block women’s opportunities to move up the organizational ladder. This “glass ceiling” is particularly evident when looking at the scarcity of female senior executives in organizations across virtually every discipline.

Societal pressures

The double burden of balancing career and primary caregiver responsibilities presents a significant challenge and the common solution – flexible work practices – can become a career killer.

Many studies have reported on the various barriers that women encounter during professional advancement. These Are:

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  1. stereotyping and preconcepts about suitability for leadership positions;
  2. exclusion from informal networks of communication;
  3. absence of effective management training for female employees;
  4. failure to hold upper level managers accountable for developing and advancing women;
  5. inadequate appraisal and compensation systems, leading to inequities in salaries;
  6. inflexibility in defining work schedules.

Real Frame

The reality of stereotypes has been found to have a profound effect on the professional advancement of women. Due to gender stereotypes, women feel isolated and discouraged because they feel unable to blend in well or fit into the patriarchal culture of senior management. Sometimes this perception leads them to believe that it takes drastic change to accommodate the culture dominated by men in the upper hierarchy. Davidson and Cooper (1986) report that gender stereotypes in the organization lead to higher stress levels in women than in men. Indeed, gender stereotypes often lead women to put in the extra effort or work harder and perform better than their male counterparts in order to prove that they are equal to them. Women tend to believe that in order to achieve their career goals, they need to outperform to counter the effects of negative gender stereotypes. Even when women are promoted and achieved senior management status, there is a dominant standard that they must outperform their male colleagues to prove they deserve the job.

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