Bold Career Moves To Make In Your 20s

Your 20 are a bit tumultuous. When you cross the 20-year mark, you are probably still in college, with your entire career ahead of you, and by the end of your twenty years, there is a possibility that you will settle into a career that dictates your income. potential and professional development until retirement.

It’s scary to think about it, right? You are young, you are free and you can do almost everything you want, but at the same time, the decisions you make now could determine the rest of your working life.

Bold Career Moves To Make In Your 20s

If you want to maximize your earning potential, discover what you really want to do and keep your sanity while doing so, these career options you need to do in their twenties:

1. Join Professional Groups

Most people wait too long to join a professional organization. I am not talking about related groups or Facebook, although these are also very important. When I talk about professional groups, I’m talking about “The Atlanta Bar Association or” The West Palm Beach Digital Marketers Association, “that kind of group.

After reading this article, do a quick Google search of: [Your industry or career] + Professional groups + Near me.

Consider this list and request information on how to join these groups. Once you do, continue and interact with members, participate in forums, attend networking events, everything you need to do to become an active member of this group.

You will be surprised at the professional relationships you can establish in these groups and the impact they can have on your career. Hello, new opportunities!

2. Accept That ‘Risky’ Job

Here’s the thing: in your twenties, you’re desperately trying to find that job that fits your curriculum like a glove. After all, it’s the perfect job, right?


I strongly believe that what we go to school is not necessarily what we will end up doing.

Then at my point. If there is a job that interests you and you want to live, your twenties are the perfect time to do it. Of course, you should always be fair to yourself and your goals, always keep this in mind when making a career change.

3. Explore All You Want

To return to my previous point, twenty years is the best age to continue exploring, on a mission. Keep digging until you find the only thing that turns you on. It is not necessary to change jobs 3 to 4 times a year (which I did and do not recommend), but you can search your workplace to see what you like and do not do.

Have meaningful conversations with your colleagues, ask them about their work and how they got there. You could find yourself helping out on a project outside your department or maybe even falling in love with that project.

However, the point is that you should continue exploring all your options. If you can’t see the big picture, how can you make a specific decision that can affect your life forever?

4. Diversify your work.

Unless you are progressing in your career, try not to stay in one place for a long time. No, the job does not look great in a CV, but today’s job market is freer and working in new places will give you a better idea of how the professional world really works. Of course, you can also complement this with networks, simply by learning about other workplaces.

5. Land some show-off pieces.

No matter where you work or how much experience you have, you can create demo pieces. Demonstration pieces are any project, asset or achievement that you can use as a talking point or as an item on a resume to show how dedicated, skilled and hardworking you are. Maybe it’s a marketing initiative, or maybe it’s a proposal for a more efficient process – whatever it is, it will make you look like a rock star and it will look great as a piece in your constantly expanding portfolio.

6. Start a Side Hustle

You have to become real. Even if you are not a creator or an entrepreneur, there is a good chance that one of your friends is from the generation of start-ups. Your twenties is the perfect time to start and get on a lateral agitation. All sleepless nights and overtime are worth it in the end.

Blogs, photography, baking, apps, a virtual assistant, subscription boxes and countless innovative side shakes appear every day.

The most important career move to make in your twenties is to start a side agitation, maintain it, and hopefully convert it to a full-time job. You will never have the energy, the dynamism and the opportunities that you have in your twenties to do something on your side that is worth working on.

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7. Optional “advice”: screw up.

That is true. Make mistakes. Make stupid decisions. Go for the craziest and least intuitive option and feel a sense of reward when it doesn’t work.

In your twenties, it won’t matter as much. In fact, it will probably help you – you will feel more at peace with the idea of ​​failure, you will learn a lesson from experience and, better yet, have a great story, and the stories end up being far more valuable than money or prestige could ever be. So go ahead and spoil – you might thank yourself later.

You have your whole future ahead of you, and none of these movements carries any substantial risk (except, of course, that of risk taking). These moves are about gaining experience, learning more about yourself, and preparing for a career path that you can be satisfied with, which will help you a lot more than trying to cram into a ready position. for about thirty and forty years straight away.

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Slow down. Do you understand?

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