Best job opportunities for women in India

Today, women are considered equal to men in every field of life. There are many job opportunities for women in every field. Housewives now have graduated to become an equal income earner for their family. According to full-time or work from home here are multiple jobs listed below for the women.

List of Jobs –

1. Accounting Job

Accounting Job

Accounting or bookkeeping is an excellent job for women. To get an accounting job, you must have a B.Com or Management degree along with a CA or MBA in finance. You should also know how to prepare and file TDS, GST and Income tax returns with the knowledge of Tally and Excel.

2. Banking and Insurance Job

Banking and Insurance Job

Many of the university graduates are allowed to take job in this sector. This job is considered as respectable for women and can help their career grow. Entrance examinations are held to get job in public or private bank.

3. Beauty and Cosmetics Job

Beauty and Cosmetics Job

The second largest consumer of the beauty products is India. Women are very demanding for these products. You should do a beautician course with a recognized beauty school to get this job.

4. Cabin Crew and Hospitality Job

Cabin Crew and Hospitality Job

If you want to travel abroad and see the world then this job is best for you. For this you should have good communication skills. You could earn a good income in this job and can meet people from different parts of the world.

5. Caterer Job

Caterer Job

You can get a caterer job if you have done a catering course and also if you love food. Your job will be to prepare, transport and serve food at various occasions. You may also have to clean the premises after the function is over.

6. Customer Service and Support Job

Customer Service and Support Job

Women are good in understanding which is a part of this job. This job can be done from home also because of which many women prefer it. It requires good communication skills with some other skills also.

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