We all go there; work pressure, children, self-insecurity, low libidos and weight gain, among others. These are some of the biggest enemies of good sex. They can make your sex life bland, dull and downright boring. Well, you know that good sex is beneficial in many ways, right? It heals body, mind and soul, making you a happier, healthier and more peaceful human being, but their is a solution. You can become a king in bed and claim what you and your partner are entitled to. We talk about hot and sweaty sex every time. Ready? Here are some tips to make you feel good in bed.

Here’s how to be good in bed as a woman:

Focus on foreplay 

Foreplay is more important for women than for men. They’re just wired in a different way, and they actually don’t need a lot to turn on. But for most women, this pleasure that accompanies soft touches and kissing is what keeps their engine running. But if you show your man throughout bad foreplay what you think of him, he certainly won’t care.

In fact, he will think that you have no problem going the extra mile to make him happy, and he will feel good about it. In addition, thanks to the preliminaries, you can know yourself better. You can find your partner’s erogenous zones and improve the whole experience. Do you now understand the importance of good foreplay?

Transform Your Mind

Of course, you have progressed to the overweight side over the years. So what? You are always a good candidate for good sex and you can get it if you want. It all starts with you. Research has shown that no one ever notices someone else’s imperfection during sex. Between the excitement, the sensations, the turns and the twists, nobody has just the time to do it.

Ask him what he likes

If you ask your man what he wants in bed, you will cut off his head. He will know that you are ready to do anything to take your sex life to a whole new level, and there is nothing else that will make him so lucky.


The guys are crazy about sex, and they feel so good when a woman wants to make them happy in bed. Once he has told you what he wants you to do to him, ask yourself if you will feel comfortable doing it. If so, bring it. But never agree to do something that will make you uncomfortable. No man deserves that you feel bad about yourself. Doing exercises Perhaps this is the best advice on this list. Training stimulates your sex life by stimulating the body, the brain and the nervous system.

Work Out

This makes you psychologically prepared and receptive to sex. This adds to the additional benefits of improving blood circulation, self-esteem and strengthening your cardiovascular system. Sex should never be flat and boring; he must have a rhythm and always beat. The next time you feel like things are going south, use these tips and brighten up your sex life.

Make eye contact

Eye contact is something most couples don’t do in bed, but if you knew how important it was, you would do it all the time. You see, when you make love with your loved one, it is important to convey all your emotions to them. This way you can find out if he is having fun and if he wants something else. You can find out a lot by just looking into her eyes, so don’t miss this the next time you have sex. Also, every time you look him in the eye, you will feel a deeper bond and you will both feel much closer. This is why you should never underestimate the importance of eye contact. If you use it properly, you can really turn yourself into a woman he will never want to leave.

You can have sex anywhere

It is true that having sex in the comfort of your home is the best, but if you want to spice things up, you don’t necessarily have to stay in your room. Why not make love in the toilets of this chic restaurant? Why not do it during your lunch break on your desk table? Why not do it somewhere in the wild during your morning jog? Why not get out of your comfort zone? Maybe it will sound weird at first and maybe you won’t be able to relax, but over time you will realize that it is a great experience. Trust me, when you try something like this, something new, you will be sorry you didn’t do it before. But it’s never too late for the big things, right? Come on, relax him a little and show your man who is his queen. Do you not see that he is waiting for you to turn his world upside down?

Take the initiative

Guys love it, when a girl takes the initiative and brings them to bed. So if you want your man to feel like he’s on the new cloud, take the first step. He’ll be on the moon, and he won’t want any other girl than you. You will be his treasure which he will selfishly take care of, and he will do everything possible to make you happy. I know it might be difficult for you to take the initiative all of a sudden, but once you try it, you will see that it is not a big deal. You will gain so much more by doing it than you thought, and since you are good at it, you just have to keep doing it.

I need not mention that your man will be the happiest man in life to have a dominant and incredible daughter and that he will do everything for you. So when you stop for a second and think about it, you will realize that it was worth it.

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