Another chance means another heartbreak?

Can a guy really change? If he is so in love with you and you trust him enough to believe that he wants to be a better man, it may be worth giving him a chance. But another chance is not the same as an unlimited offer – you need limits to protect yourself. From this point of view, you cannot imagine your life without this man by your side. You keep forgiving her for things that you shouldn’t. You keep looking the other way when he makes a mistake, all in the hope that one day your relationship will be different. You let him lie to you and worse, you lie to yourself by trusting him. So you keep giving it a second chance. You keep praying that this is the last time – that this time he will come back to you as a new man, as the man you want and you need him to be.

That this time things will finally fall into place; that he will see that he cannot live without you either and that he will finally learn to appreciate and respect you. Forgetting a man you love is difficult enough. However, forgetting about it while it comes to your door and constantly asking for another opportunity seems impossible. But this can be done.

Another chance means another heartbreak?

Here are some examples of when giving him another chance shouldn’t be an option.


He’s going to be a better man. He loves you so much he wants to be the perfect boyfriend. Yup, you’ve heard all that crap before. The guy knows how to talk about his grand plans to be with you but he never actually makes it happen.


Of course, it’s great to think that his love for you will make him a better boyfriend, but stop dreaming! If he is not motivated by more than love, like a real desire to have a better life for himself, then your love bubble is about to burst.

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He wants to be with you, but it is still too early to pronounce these three words, become official, go out exclusively or meet his family. But he promises you that he always wants to be with you. What? Forget that he loves you – note that he never makes you a priority.


You give him the benefit of the doubt and really try to save the relationship, but you are actually in a toxic situation because you are stressed, anxious and depressed. It will never give you more happiness – rather, it will destroy any happiness you already had before it arrived.


It’s great to give someone a chance to show you what it’s made of, but believe it when they do it! Here is an opportunity for you to see what they really look like. Use this information to find out if he is someone you should have in your life or if he is going to use all his chances and leave you heartbroken.

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If he truly loves you, he will make you stand tall and proud. If you feel embarrassed, less confident, or pathetic for letting him back in, those are signs you’re too good for him and he doesn’t deserve a chance to be in your life.

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