Agape Love – The Highest Form Of Devotion In The Universe

The word ‘love’ has lost its original meaning and has been interpreted over and over so many times. For every single one of us, love represents something different. There are different types of love and each one of it is unique and special.

Agape love is the most powerful of all the love. This concept of love is somewhat told about in Bible. This type of love is universal and unconditional.

Agape Love – The Highest Form Of Devotion In The Universe

Types Of Love In The Bible

1. Agape Love

This kind of love happens in real life and is not witnessed on social media. It fits the definition of true love towards the whole world and not only toward your partner. It is both universal and unconditional love as it is used to depict the love a person has with God.

2. Eros Love

This type of love is familiar to all of us. Eros means romantic love. The English word ‘erotic’ is derived from the Greek word eros. Among different types of lovers, it is associated with physical and romantic love. For another human being, it is depicted as a desire, lust and strong physical attraction.

3. Philia Love

It means as friendship love. Philia comes from the Greek word ‘philos’, meaning ‘a trusted friend, beloved, dear’. The word ‘phileo’ is also mentioned in Bible meaning brotherly love and friendship. A true friendship between two individuals is represented by it.

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4. Storage Love

Storage love means family love. The special bond between parents and and their children is represented by it and also between siblings. The fact is that regardless of their overall personality and other traits every person will love and respect their family.

What Is Agape Love In The Bible?

In the Bible, it is the most powerful love. It is God’s limitless and unique love of humankind. Christian love or God himself is denoted by Agape love as it is pure, sacred and unconditional. Another term in the Bible that represents agape is ‘love feast’. This love is expressed through actions and means giving yourself selflessly to others. The most powerful example of a true and selfless agape love is Jesus Christ dying for our sins.

Agape Love In Marriage

The main aspect of marriage is eros love. Agape love holds it together while eros love is an important part of every marriage. This love inspires appreciation, forgiveness and respect and represents a selfless and unconditional love toward our partner.

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Important Traits of Agape Love:

  • Forgiving your partner when they make a mistake
  • Putting your partner’s need before your own
  • Respecting your partner
  • Selflessly taking care of your family.
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