A Girl With Trust Issues Is Begging You Not To Do These Things

Don’t lose your temper because she’s insecure. This was a problem for her long before you came into the picture. You have nothing to do with that. Either you can try to understand her or you can walk away. Don’t expect her to change who she is—just be there for her.

Don’t come late without letting her know.

A girl like that will think the worst. Every time. Don’t let the woman you love to worry about where you are and what you’re doing.

A Girl With Trust Issues Is Begging You Not To Do These Things

Don’t let her imagine you in a ditch somewhere lying helplessly. Just send a text, so she can sleep.

Don’t flirt with other women.

I know that flirting is not technically cheating, but to your girl it is.

Anything that has to do with even the slightest violation of her trust is a red flag for her.

So, if you really love her and you care for her, you won’t flirt with anybody, even if it’s harmless. It’s not to her. Respect that.

Don’t lose it while you’re with her.

You have to be patient. She is the type of girl who won’t give herself to you right away.

She will be cautious, and it will take a while for her to let her guard down. Don’t force making the first move. Wait for her to do it.

Then, you’ll definitely know she’s ready, and that will be a moment you will remember for the rest of your life.

Don’t pretend you’re listening.

Believe me, she’ll know.

You don’t even have to be a good listener, but at least try to pay attention, and try to listen to what she’s telling you.

As I’ve already said, you don’t have to be good at it—she’ll appreciate the effort anyway.

Lying is out of the question.

Don’t lie even about the smallest of things. If she catches you in the whitest lie possible, she’ll never trust you again.

It all starts with losing faith in someone. It will all go downhill from there.

Never give her a reason to doubt you.

Girls with trust issues don’t need much to start doubting, so in that spirit, keep your promises.

When you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you think you can’t then don’t say you will. The bottom line is, just be honest with her.

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Never joke about cheating and never cheat on her.

Maybe to you, joking about finding someone else is funny, but it’s not funny to her.

She will take you seriously, maybe she’ll even pretend to share a laugh with you, but inside she’ll be hurting.

Don’t be too obvious when you’re around attractive women.

No one is saying you shouldn’t notice a hot woman walking by, but you don’t necessarily have to drop your jaw and drool over her.

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Play it cool. Check her out for a second, and try not to let your girl see that. She won’t mind as long as you’re cool about it.

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