7 Surprising Reasons Why You Crave Love

I just want to be loved. At first glance, this notion is not unusual. But when you take a second look, a lot can be discovered.

Not everyone has the opportunity to live a fairytale love life. For some, romantic love leaves much to be desired. And this article is for anyone who is struggling to find someone to spend their eternity with.

7 Surprising Reasons Why You Crave Love

The first thing I want you to know is that there is nothing wrong with being in desperate need of love. Ultimately, isn’t that the whole point of our existence?

No matter what someone tells you, don’t worry about being a little lost. Just because you catch yourself thinking, I just want to be loved often enough doesn’t mean you’ll never find it.

By this point, you’re probably done wasting time on social media, dating sites, scrolling through adorable Tumblr memes, and listening to podcasts that won’t shut up to find that one.

It seems like all of your close friends and family members have figured out their love life. But let me tell you something …

There are a lot of terrible things in this world, but not having a loved one is not one of them. It is only a temporary setback that you can easily work to correct.

There are many possible reasons why you are feeling particularly impatient for this universal love right now.

Below, I’ll reveal all about them and how you can open your heart to find the kind of love you deserve.

That’s why you hurt so much love

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel so desperate and desperate for love and affection? The reasons might surprise you.

1. You set the bar way too high

Do not worry. We all expect a lot from love, even if it doesn’t always work out the way we expect it to.

What’s important to remember is the following: By setting your bar this high, you are driving out any potential love interests that might be right for you.

You are not going to find one person who checks all of your boxes. It just isn’t real life. But you can find someone who makes an effort every day, despite their flaws (just like us).

You are feeling very anxious and desperate for love right now because you haven’t given yourself the chance to experience it. Lower the bar (just a little) and see what happens.

2. Being single for a hot minute made you feel unloved

Not having had a partner for a while has ruined your sanity. It made you feel like there was something in you that was screaming “unlovable.”

Get that idea out of your head. The time you spend alone or take it has nothing to do with you being unlovable.

Sometimes things turn out this way. But you can’t let it affect your view of yourself. You are probably a great person with a stroke of bad luck. That’s all.

3. You spend time with people who don’t like you

Being surrounded by narcissism can make you feel weak. Have you ever stopped and looked around?

The person you surround yourself with affects you more than you think. Don’t let narcissistic and toxic people approach you and fill your head with their twisted logic.

You should only spend time with people who appreciate, encourage, and love you for who you are. The others deserve the start.

4. Watching romantic movies gave you unrealistic expectations

Ever since you were little you have dreamed of that seemingly perfect love of cinema. But the movies are not real life.

While it’s understandable that a young girl would idealize and romanticize love, it’s time to face reality as an adult.

You are not going to find your prince charming, who will bring you down and take you to his kingdom where you will live happily ever after.

Movies are a great escape from real life, not a substitute. Catching yourself desperately thinking I just want to be loved may have something to do with this self-inflicted illusion.

5. You are jealous of “perfect” couples on social networks

The first time you see the #couplegoals hashtag (and others like it), naturally, you’ll start to feel jealous.

But over time, I hope you will understand that social media is just that. This is nobody’s reality. Of course, these couples could be really happy at this point.

But do you honestly think things are always perfect? Far from there. People only post the things that they want you to see.

6. You can’t shake the feeling of hopelessness and hopelessness

I get it. There were times when I was single for a while I was like, I just wanna use your love tonight …

And when I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I would just fall into a bottomless pit of hopelessness and despair. While it can be overwhelming at times, knowing how to get up is important.

I encourage you to read empowerment words daily if necessary. Talk to someone who knows your worth.

Boy George understands you too (if you’re unfamiliar, play his “I just wanna be loved” bop, ASAP). Kidding aside, you’re not going to feel like this forever. Remember this.

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7. A recent breakup made you question your self-esteem

Your ex filled your mind with self-doubt. This is what bad breakups can do to a person. I was there myself.

To help you forget, you over-shop on Amazon and participate in their giveaways, like retailers can help things out in any way (been there, done that).

But a great purchase won’t help you regain your self-esteem. Do you know what’s going to happen? Realize that this person is NOT bothering you like that.

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You are more than what your ex has to say about you. They are no longer in your life as there is a reason.

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