Reasons Why Women Get Hurt In Relationships

You might often think that why you keep getting hurt through one failed relationship after another. Sometimes it is you who is to be blamed for hurting yourself. Here are the reasons that cause you to keep getting hurt in your relationships.

1. You’re Afraid to be Vulnerable

It is scary to fall in love. It is a huge risk if you ask them to love you by opening yourself up to someone and show them who you really are. You will never get what you want if you don’t take a chance. You won’t be able to have a truly happy and fulfilling relationship until you make yourself vulnerable and take that risk.

2. You Don’t Know What You Want

Are you looking for someone who never tells a white lie and values honesty above all? You will not get it if you don’t know what you want. So, be clear about your goals for a relationship else you will keep ending up unhappy and may not even know why.

3. You Fall for People Who Are Unavailable

If someone wants to date you that doesn’t mean that he is available. These guys are unavailable as they are married, live far away, or lying about who they are. These guys have unresolved feelings about their exes, or are walking around with deep childhood wounds. They don’t love themselves as they are emotionally unavailable and can’t love anyone else.

4. You Go For The Wrong Guys

You may not know what your type is. If you don’t care how tall a guy is or what job he does then you might think that you don’t have a type. You will keep getting your heart broken over and over again if you keep falling for the guys you should avoid at all costs.

5. You Only See What You Want To See

If you see the things you want to see and fail to see the actual qualities of the person then you are ‘projecting’. Before knowing them really you fall in love with them fast. They make up a story to show that how perfect they are for you but at some point your projections will fall away and the truth becomes clear. It leaves you with a person who is not at all the one whom you thought of to be.

6. You Seek Out The Familiar

We look for partners who feel familiar to us. We look for someone with the same deficits that hurt us in the first place which is not a bad thing. To resolve old struggles you must be willing to put in the work to achieve a lasting, loving bond. When things get tough many men are not willing to give it a chance.

7. You Think You Aren’t Worthy Of Love

If you think that you are so broken that you can’t be in a relationship or there is something wrong with you then you will never get it. You should believe that you are worthy of love and deserve to have someone.

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