7 Intriguing Signs From The Universe And What They Mean

There are many different ways in which universe gives signs. Symbols are the language through which the universe loves to communicate with us. An open mind and an open heart is is necessary so that you can understand what the universe is trying to tell you.

1. Animals And Insects

Our cohabitants on this earth plane are the animals and insects who have their sacred purpose. We treat animals as they are lower than us and have lost touch with nature. To give us signs from the universe they are used as spiritual vessels as they are completely in tune with nature. Birds, butterflies, cats, dogs, ladybirds, etc. are the most common animals and insects that most people can see in their everyday life.

7 Intriguing Signs From The Universe And What They Mean

2. Dreams

An inexhaustible source of subconscious symbolism are dreams. We all dream every night but don’t know much about them. Unrelated images are there in our dreams. It is hard to work out their meanings as we have lost touch with our intuition. There are many common dreams but only some of them carry special messages for us.

3. During Meditation or Prayer

To get rid of unwanted and tiring thoughts, meditation and prayer are great. Useless information is there in many of our thoughts that has nothing to do. A great base for the universe is the serenity of meditation.

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4. Falling Apart

Sometimes the universe, shake you to the core of your being. A series of strange and unfortunate events are usually accompanied by it where you feel nothing is going right. Every step seems to be wrong and everything seems to be futile. An invitation to start a new way of life can be by overwhelming or devastating this period.

5. Feathers

Presence of angels and spiritual guides can be with the sight of feathers. Different meanings are there for different colored feathers. For example, blue feathers are connected to communication, inspiration, throat chakra and so on. Red feathers are connected to bravery, money, strength, the root chakra and so on.

6. Music

The most wonderful of communicating is the music. Rather than words it is understood through feelings. You can be transported to another state of mind by music. Each person understands it differently as it is associative. People have similar or different experiences after listening a single piece of music. To humankind it is an unique ability.

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7. Objects

Through objects around you , the universe can communicate with you. A lot of people feel emotionally connected to some of the objects so they can be powerful. Our thoughts and intentions can charge them. If there’s something unusual about any object, it can be a sign.

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