50 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care Right Now

Look, sometimes life is hard. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the stress of your everyday life, and it’s even easier to forget to take care of yourself. So, what are some small ways to practice self-care? What are a few tips to help you get back to feeling like you, even as anxiety and stress continue to pile on on a daily basis?

Luckily, there are tons of tiny, easy-to-manage adjustments that most of us can find a way to add into our routines. Maybe you’re not going to be able to do all of them (seriously, what’s up with those super humans who are somehow able to find the time to both read and exercise on a daily basis?) but even just doing one or two will help you find some measure of equilibrium in your life. Heck, sometimes, it’s as simple as putting yourself first every once in a while.

50 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care Right Now

So, whether it’s just taking a little time to chat with your bestie, treating yourself to a majorly relaxing bubble bath, or even committing to go on a short walk everyday, read on for 50 ways to practice self-care right now.

1. Burn your favorite scented candle.

2. Take a long hot bath.

3. Go for a walk in your favorite park.

4. Make a gratitude list, write down everything you’re are thankful for.

5. Bake your favorite dessert, and then eat it!

6. Give yourself a manicure & Pedicure.

7. Deep condition your hair for 30 minutes.

8. Get a Sample of your favorite perfume.

9. Do a face mask.

10. Buy yourself some fresh flowers.

11. Treat yourself to a facial.

12. Do a digital detox. No electronics or social media for a whole day.

13. Declutter your space.

14. Invest in a good bra.

15. Wear a high SPF.

16. Don’t put yourself down.

17. Forgive others. Forgive yourself

18. Get rid of toxic people.

19. Go on an intense hike. Appreciate the view at the top.

20. Practice mindfulness.

21. Listen to your favorite playlist.

22. Get outside in the sun.

23. Go on a lunch date with your grandmother.

24. Take your mom to dinner. ( This one is not so free, but totally worth it)

25. Binge watch your favorite Netflix show.

26. Invite your best friend over for wine and cooking.

27. Do something that brings you joy.

28. Go to an art museum.

29. Find some live music to listen to on a night out.

30. Go to your favorite restaurant with your loved one.

31. Sleep in for a couple of hours on the weekend.

32. Spend the whole day with your pet.

33. Do some drawing or writing.

34. Plan a weekend getaway.

35. Read your favorite book.

36. Meditate.

37. Do something out of your comfort zone.

38. Help someone with a small task. Open a door, carry a grocery bag.

39. Get dressed up and take yourself on a date.

40. Splurge a little.

41. Check in with your emotions.

42. Get positive feedback, ask four friends to tell you what they love about you.

43. Inhale your favorite scent.

44. Make a small healthy change in your diet. Add something green. Drink twice the amount of water you would normally drink.

45. Go dancing.

46. Laugh it out with your favorite person.

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47. Do something selfish. Do one thing just for you.

48. Avoid triggers.

49. Put on clean, fresh pj’s and climb into bed.

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50. Diffuse your favorite essential oils.

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