5 Ways to Be A Strong, Confident Woman

1. Diversify What Makes You Happy

One lady can learn only a certain number of skills. If the things you do well build confidence in you then doing that activity will only make you feel good about yourself. For example, workaholics may feel best about themselves when they work as they love their work. To continue to feel good about themselves they continue their work. To enjoy something you don’t have to be the best at it.

5 Ways to Be A Strong, Confident Woman

Its an emotional roller coaster, when your goals and your good mood are dependent on those around you. You may feel bad, if someone’s a jerk to you, even if its not your fault. To help athletes at all level, sports psychologists use positive visualization. You should cut the negative self-talk.

2. Love Yourself Unconditionally

We are trained to love ourselves conditionally. Do you love your best friend more or less depending on her weight? No, of course not! When it comes to love ourselves, we are super critical and harsh but we love others unconditionally. You have the ability, determination and the will to do anything as confidence is a trust. No one can take away your determination or your will as confidence is based on who you are. Ability to live your dreams is within you and something you create for yourself.

3. Move Forward in Spite of Fear

Believing in you is the meaning of being confident. We all move forward in spite of the fear. Even when you have fear you can proceed and move forward and don’t let it stop you. Keep moving despite our fears shows that we are truly brave.

We have to face many things before we are ready. The best way to find your confidence is to just go for it. The most worst that can happen is you could fail, fall or get hurt. But you can pick yourself back up and can recover to become stronger.

4. Realize You Have One Less Rib and You’re Still Doing Better Than Your Counterpart

Women are creators and pretty amazing. By our very nature, we are creative and nurturers as we give life and that is amazing. Women are amazingly versatile as they can do it all. Women are natural multitaskers while the guys are single-task focused. On men there’s a lot of pressure to be MEN.

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5. Recognize Confidence Comes From Within

You should give credit to yourself for all the things you do or even attempt to do. Learn from each experience and allow yourself to fail, grow. Be exactly who you are and not who you could be or you think you should be.

Expressing your emotions adds beauty, depth, and realness whether you are dancing, speaking, or writing as they make us authentic, genuine, REAL. Meditation can change your life as it allows you to connect with yourself in a new way and on a higher level.

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Negative energy breeds negative energy. You should believe that the world is working FOR you and not against you. Shift your thinking and bring in the positive.

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