5 Reasons Why Do Guys Change After You Sleep With Them

After sleeping with someone for the first time, many of us have to struggle to process our feelings. A lot of emotional volatility is created which turns sex into something very confusing. The only answer to the women question, ‘why do guys change after you sleep with them?’ is sex. To different men the changes can be very unique.

1. He Is Scared

Brain changes can cause anxiety and panic for people who have trust issues, difficulty bonding, or the inability to cope. The guy you slept with might not feel ready for a relationship as he could be developing greater feelings for you. Originally, he wanted you as a friend or lover and the new feelings of love are not handled by him.

5 Reasons Why Do Guys Change After You Sleep With Them

He couldn’t handle his emotions and sex made his issues more worse. Due to all this most guys will go quiet, run away, and seem different. You’ll have to open up communication if you both feel love for each other and encourage him to resolve his issues.

2. He Just Wants More Sex

Men want to have sex more often as they have a higher sex drive than women. Now that you two slept together, he no longer wants that you two remain emotionally connected. If he wants to remain busy in the bedroom it could be a trouble for you. Sex becomes number one priority for some guys and he wants nothing else.

More sex can be a good thing if he still wants a relationship and seems emotionally connected. You will have to decide if he only wants you for sex and has lost interest in other aspects of the relationship.

3. He Used You

It could be a bad news if he seems different after sleeping with you. To achieve the goal of sex some guys will “say what it takes” at the moment. They’ll move on once they sleep with you as they achieved their goal.

Look at his before and after behavior to tell that he used you. He views you as just another sexual conquest, if to get you into bed he said a lot of loving and sweet things, but, becomes distant and uninterested afterwards.

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4. His Brain Changed

Sex changes the brain in incredible ways. A cocktail of hormones is released by the brain each time people sleep together. Scientists don’t fully understand the way in which these chemicals interact. A mixture of bonding, excitement, passion and pleasure is created by the hormones.

All this mess up a brain that leads to all sorts of new feelings. All of the crazy new feelings related to you are processed which made him change. Some guys become distant or withdraw as they are afraid of these feelings.

5. You Changed, Not Him

During sex, oxytocin chemical is released which is also called the cuddle chemical. It is associated with bonding that a mother and child have and not just lovers. In men and women, these chemicals are not released equally.

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Large quantities of oxytocin is released by the female brain during sex. Male brains release more dopamine and less oxytocin. Dopamine is associated with the reward system in the brain and is the pleasure chemical. The best answer that why men change after you sleep with them, might be that he didn’t change: you did.

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