Common Health Problems in Pregnancy

The changes that take place during pregnancy can cause discomfort or irritation. Here are some more common problems during pregnancy.

1. Constipation


In early stages of pregnancy you may become constipated because of hormonal changes in your body.

How to Avoid:

  • Avoid iron supplements and ask your doctor to change them or if you can manage without them.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat foods that are high in fibre, fruit and vegetables, and pulses
  • Do exercise regularly

2. Cramp


A sharp and sudden pain usually in your feet is called cramp. It often occurs at night.

How to Avoid:

Ankle and leg exercise improves blood circulation and help prevent cramp. Some foot exercises are:

  • Bend slightly and stretch your foot up and down 30 times
  • 8 times rotate your foot one way and 8 times the other way
  • Repeat with the other foot

3. Feeling Faint

Feeling Faint

Due to hormonal changes, pregnant women can often feel faint. If your brain is not getting enough blood then fainting may occur.

If you stand up too quickly from a chair or out of a bath, then also you may feel faint. It can also happen if you are lying on your back.

How to Avoid:

  • While standing still. if you feel faint quickly find a seat and faintness should pass.
  • While lying on your back if you feel so then turn onto your side.
  • Get up slowly after lying or sitting.

During labour or later pregnancy, it’s better not to lie on your back. After 28 weeks avoid going to sleep on your back as it higher the risk of stillbirth.

4. Feeling Hot

Feeling Hot

During pregnancy, you may feel warmer than usual. Due to hormonal changes and increase in blood supply to the skin this may occur. You may also sweat more.

How to Avoid: 

  • To feel fresh wash frequently
  • Use an electric fan to keep your room cool
  • Wear loose clothes made of natural fibres because they are more absorbent and breathable than synthetic fibres.

5. Incontinence


During and after pregnancy, this is a common problem. Sudden spurt of pee or a small leak during cough, laugh or sneeze is sometimes unable to prevent by pregnant women.

This is temporary as the muscles around bladder relax slightly to prepare for baby’s delivery.

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