Life is stressful. Nothing goes well, everything is more difficult than it should be and nobody cooperates. These thoughts may not be completely true, but they contain true emotions that can tip the scale of whether we feel happy in life or if we are so overwhelmed that we want to curl up and disappear. What you should do to take care of yourself in response to life’s difficulties and common stressors are absolutely necessary and important for your mental state.

4 Common Stressors You Feel in Your 20s:

1. When You Feel Out of Control

  1. Sometimes our lives feel chaotic.
  2. The choices we make seem to always go wrong and we don’t know how to solve it, except we make more bad choices in panic mode.
  3. Losing control of our lives can be scary and impossible to change.

2. When You Feel Lonely

  1. Loneliness is stressful. It’s a strange way to see it, but it’s true.
  2. When we feel alone or out of place, we tend to look at our lives and feel that we are doing something wrong.
  3. Thoughts that cause anxiety as “nobody enjoys my company” absolutely cause emotional and mental stress.

3. When You Feel Overwhelmed

  1. Feeling overwhelmed is natural. American culture teaches us that, to be a successful and productive part of society, we basically have to work and never play.
  2. As a result, we commit ourselves excessively until we have time for ourselves.
  3. Even the things we love to do start to feel like housework.
  4. When it seems you don’t have time for yourself or everything you do becomes too much, it’s time to cut the cord on some things.

4. When You Feel Unheard

  1. Another source of stress is when we feel that we are not heard, either in the workplace or in the living space.
  2. Things may be happening around you that you don’t feel you have control over.
  3. The decisions are not up to you and, therefore, there seems to be no way to solve it.
    Your opinion, no matter how logical or useful it may seem, has no room to be heard.
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