Alarming Signs You're His Foster Girlfriend

A foster girlfriend is the one whom the men date until they find their forever person. These red flags will help you understand whom you are to him.

1. You’re More His Parent Than His Romantic Partner

More than his girlfriend, someone would characterize you as the guy’s mother if it weren’t you for your intimate moments. He acts like an immature brat most of the time, as he doesn’t know what he wants from life. You’re the one who takes the lead as you take care of him and raises him. If all of it wasn’t one-sided it would be perfect .

You’re preparing this man by doing this for the woman who will come after you. You’re teaching him about relationships and life. You’re pushing him forward to become the best by advising him and teaching him good manners. By doing all this, you’ll turn a boy into a man.

2. He Refuses To Commit To You

Another sign is his inability to commit if you’re his foster girlfriend. He will act as if your relationship isn’t serious even though you two have been together for ages. He does not put any effort as he is not devoted to you and refuses to talk about the future.

He doesn’t include you in his life the way he should and make plans without you. He just sees you as one of the stops along the way as you’re not his final destination. He doesn’t take you seriously as he doesn’t see you as his real partner.

3. He Is Emotionally Unavailable

If he fails to give you the treatment you deserve, he is fostering you. It didn’t take you long to realize that your guy doesn’t see you as his forever person as you’re a smart girl. You conclude that he needs time instead of walking away to break down the walls around his heart.

You think he love you but doesn’t know how to show it. He may be scared of opening up because he maybe damaged in the past. It is his maximum, as he is incapable of loving anyone. He’ll become everything you want him to be.

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