23 Characteristics Of A Classy Woman

Every woman wants a real gentleman, she wants to be treated properly and she deserves it. However, you have to be and act like a lady to attract a real gentleman.

A lady shows self-respect, class, appreciation, and etiquette. Being a classy lady does not mean that you have to be snobbish or stuck, but that you have to have dignity, consideration, and moderation in your daily actions.

23 Characteristics Of A Classy Woman

Following are the characteristics of a classy woman:

1. A classy woman is not jealous of other women

I can’t stress this enough. A classy woman is not a mean girl. She ignores women who are spiteful to her and goes about her life on her own terms.

2. A Classy Lady is a self – aware.

She has a good knowledge of her strengths and weaknesses. She knows what she can handle and what she has to get away from. She knows when to take risks wisely and when to stay close to home. She knows how people see her and cares about the impression she makes on them. She pays attention to emotions but is not their slave. A chic lady keeps her limits because she knows the consequences of compromise.

3. A Classy Lady has forgiven herself.

Part of self-awareness is knowing that you are not perfect and that you have made mistakes. A chic lady has made peace with her past and has forgiven herself for the things she is not proud of. She knows that God’s grace is sufficient and that he sees better for her life and will walk with her in the future. She does not let the darkness of the past steal the blessings that God has for her.

4. A Classy Lady is adaptable.

She does not lose her temper when plans change or last-minute challenges arise. It can gracefully change speed even when all the details remain to be discovered. She knows when to ask for information and when to be carefree. A chic lady is at peace in the midst of chaos and can engage with problems to find solutions to problems.

5. A classy woman is not petty

She is not jealous of the woman with whom her husband talks. She is not mean to the neighbor’s child because he is better than her own children.

A chic woman knows that she is only competing with herself.

6. A Classy Lady faces her fears.

She recognizes that fear is a two-sided mechanism. On the one hand, it can protect us from danger and harm, but on the other hand, fear can keep us captive and prevent us from taking the necessary risks. Instead of being held captive, a chic lady faces her fears and finds ways to deal with the risk in a healthy way. She refuses to live a life stagnated by shoulda, woulda, coulda.

7. A Classy Lady has self-respect.

Although she knows that pride precedes a fall, she has great self-respect. She knows that she has to respect herself first if she expects someone else to do it. Out of respect for the body and life, we gave her, she is intentional about the way she treats herself, her environment and her future. It does not please others at its expense. A chic lady understands that there is a difference between Christian generosity and selflessness and allowing people to trample you everywhere.

8. A Classy Lady is authentic.

She knows that bogus-until-you-do-it is useful in many situations; she never pretends to be someone she is not. What you see is what you get. A chic lady is comfortable in her own skin, embraces her individuality and makes it her business to be the best version of herself.

9. A Classy Lady is honest but tactful.

She knows how to speak the truth with love. She will not lie but she is careful not to hurt the tender feelings. She knows that timing is as important as the choice of words as the tone of voice and body language. It seeks to raise, not to demolish.

10. A Classy Lady is teachable.

She believes in lifelong learning and the growth of wisdom and experience. She does not pretend to know everything, even if her talents demonstrate competence or expertise.

11. A Classy Lady has great posture.

It takes effort, attention, and practice, but she knows the value of good posture. A chic lady never relaxes – never.

12. A Classy Lady knows the power of great phrases and words.

She, therefore, stays away from gossip. She does not curse. She does not air her dirty laundry (or others for that matter). She doesn’t get into the habit of complaining. She keeps secrets. A class takes care to give advice when invited but keeps its opinions to itself when it is not requested. She thinks before opening her mouth and finds that often these moments of reflection prove that no word is really necessary. A chic lady knows the value of silence. She does not feed on madness and does not wallow in the negative. She uses her words to uplift, encourages, instructs, advises and encourages. She knows that once spoken, the words are gone forever.

13. A Classy Lady values simplicity and elegance in everything.

She has an eye for classic outfits and knows how to flaunt the dress on her body. She builds her wardrobe with classic, well-made staples. She knows that just because the label says it’s her size doesn’t mean she should wear it. She doesn’t let her makeup tell a story different from her natural beauty. She knows that in all things wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup, simple elegance combined with unique originality is the best.

14. A Classy Lady knows how to takes care of herself.

She knows that her body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and is careful what she puts inside and is moderate in her choices. She rests and exercises regularly. She spends time alone reconnecting with God and his goals and priorities. She works hard to maintain balance in all areas of her life, so she is not overworked, unnecessarily stressed and usually exhausted.

15. A Classy Lady can take a compliment.

While others may think that mistaking a compliment may sound like humility, a classy lady knows that it really draws attention to herself. So when she receives a compliment on her outfit or praise for a job well done, she smiles and says a simple “Thank you”.

16. A Classy Lady knows what she believes.

She has values, ethics, and a moral code. She knows what she stands for and where she draws the line of problems. She is open to conversations and keeps an open mind, but she is not easily moved by the latest trends and crazy people. She is not gullible and asks questions. A chic lady is able to express her opinions without being overly obstinate, arrogant or preaching. She can graciously agree to disagree and respects the rights of others to their opinion.

17. A Classy Lady has impeccable integrity.

It does the right thing. Even when no one is watching. Because she knows someone still is. And she cares what he thinks.

18. A Classy Lady doesn’t trample on others.

She doesn’t use people. She is not malicious. She sees no value in demeaning, defaming, or disadvantaging others. A chic lady treats people like Christ does and does everything she can to be kind, polite and gracious.

19. A Classy Lady is a good listener.

She looks people in the eye. She responds well. She asks questions. She doesn’t count until she opens her mouth. She maintains a genuine interest in the conversation and when she really doesn’t care, the other person will never know. A smart lady knows that sometimes people don’t need to solve their problem, they just need someone to hear them. And in a world of constant frenzy, someone who is kind enough to give the gift of an attentive ear is priceless. So she puts her phone down and listens.

20. A Classy Lady is strong.

She approaches life with courage, not because she is never afraid, but because she knows that the One who is in her is greater than him in the world. It does not need anyone to validate its value. She knows that she is precious as an individual in the eyes of God. She can be single and satisfied with what God has given her. She can be married and invest in her husband and children because she is a whole person with knowledge, skills, and love to give. She takes things as they come. She keeps control of those things that she can control and leaves the rest to God. She is not afraid of conflict. A chic lady faces everything with quiet strength and a determination to keep moving.

21. A Classy Lady is humble.

She knows that everything she is, everything she has and all the opportunities that come her way are gifts from God. Her world does not revolve around her. A chic lady does not approach life with arrogance or right. She knows that life is fleeting and she is grateful for every moment given to her.

22. A Classy Lady smiles.

She knows that when everything else fails, a smile can do wonders. The rude and overworked cashier, the tired mom with three screaming children in the park, the man rushing to his next meeting, they all deserve a smile, as brief as it is. Her stressed husband, worried parent, whiny children, boring brother, all deserve smiles too. Even when she doesn’t feel sunny inside, a Classy Lady always gives this little gift as a sign of love and joy to those around her. She may never know the effect, but she knows that the potential could change her life.

23. She speaks faithfully

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A chic lady knows that her identity is rooted in God. His strength and vision come from Jesus Christ through daily prayer. A chic lady does the right thing even when you don’t expect her. For example, it blesses the reputation of someone who tried to curse hers.

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