10 Unmissable Beauty Hacks for 2021

Makeup is an art which takes time to perfect. So, for any makeup lover beauty hacks can be a lifesaver.

1. Applying Dry Shampoo at Night

The dry shampoo doesn’t last long and needs frequent replacement, especially for long or thick hair. Apply dry shampoo the night before, as it get worked into the hair while sleeping. Clean, fresh and voluminous hair will be left when you woke up.

10 Unmissable Beauty Hacks for 2021

2. Applying False Lashes

Mink lashes can be effortlessly applied after plenty of practice and last all day long. Inner corner doesn’t stick down if you are a beginner to apply false lashes and looks uneven. Before applying them straight onto your lash line you must trim the lashes.

3. Avoid Stained Lips

Hassle of having stained lips at the end of the day is hard to scrub off if you wear deeper colors. A trusty nude liquid lipstick is the best to opt for. Beauty hack to avoid stained lips is that before applying lipstick add a small amount of foundation to the lips. This will make easy for you to remove it with a quick swipe of micellar water or a makeup wipe.

4. Bold Brows

You will need a brow powder or a creamy brow pomade to make your brows look bold and powerful. Find an angled brush to make make your brow pomade ‘pop’. Continue applying your chosen brow pomade after dampening the bristles of your angled brush. Your brows will be bold, fleeky and powerful and the color will be much stronger.

5. Prolonging Your Blow-Dry

If you want to walk out of a salon with a gorgeous, bouncy blow-dry then you must be thinking of having a professional blow-dry. The day after a blow-dry your hair never looks as bouncy and as full. This might be because of your pillowcase. If you are a frequent blow-dryer, you might consider changing your pillowcase as it creates friction and unwanted frizz. To prolong your blow-dry so that you can enjoy the benefits for longer time you should prefer silk pillowcases as it reduce friction and frizz while you are moving around at night.

6. Reviving Dry Mascara

The wand of your mascara becomes dry with oxidisation. There are several ways to get the very last of the product before you chuck it in the bin. For 15 minutes leave it in a mug of hot water to liquidise the product inside for the first time you notice your mascara drying out. Another tip is that into the tube pour a few drops of saline solution (or your eye drops).

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7. Salon Hair at Home

Due to the professional hair products used in a salon and the hair-washing technique your hair never feels as nice when you wash it yourself at home compared to washed by a hairstylist in a hair salon. Before adding conditioner, shampoo your hair twice which is a neat beauty hack. Your hair lathers up as you shampoo it second time.

8. Silky Smooth Legs

You accidentally cut yourself even when you are shaving your legs with your trusty razor. To see which razor works best for your skin try out different razors and avoid this. Bright red rashes and legs full of cuts are the result of cheap razors. Women with sensitive skin should use conditioner rather than shaving foam as it reduces the risk of nasty cuts and is gentle on the skin.

9. Squeaky Clean Brushes

Over a short period of time, you will be shocked at how much makeup and residue accumulate on your makeup brushes when cleaning. For the cleaning process, there are many gizmos and gadgets out there which will help. The best way to clean your makeup brush is to use a gentle shampoo without damaging them. Baby shampoo is recommended as it leave your brushes feeling fluffy and soft.

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10. Summer Shimmer

Pressed powder highlighter is the perfect for summer shimmer glow. A glow in areas where the sun would naturally hit our skin is added by the highlighters that create an illusion of brightness on your skin. Mixing a small amount of highlighter in with your liquid foundation can give you a dewy glow.

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