The modern woman has her own mind. She is strong, independent, fierce and feels totally single in her stride. Yes we are talking about this breed of inspiring women who make being single look sexy and if you are unsure if you are one of them, here are 13 traits that define a strong and independent woman. Keep reading because you must know them.

1. She doesn’t settle for less.

Yes, she knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less than what she deserves no matter what.

2. She is financially stable.

She can take care of her financial needs and even though she isn’t earning very well, she can do it, so she doesn’t need to depend on someone else.

3. She embraces change.

The modern woman is not afraid of change. In fact, she kisses him and takes him in his stride to make the most of it.

4. She’s up for challenges.

She is not afraid of challenges. She faces them head-on and works hard to be victorious.

5. She is confident in her appearance.

Independent women are confident about their appearance (good or bad) and they don’t mean how they look.

6. Comfortable in your own skin.

She’s comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t have to be someone else to be happy.

7. She takes responsibility for her own happiness.

She is able to take charge of her own happiness and does not play the blame game.

8. She doesn’t need a man to feel complete.

Yes, she wants to be loved and craves romance but doesn’t make it a priority in life. A man does not complete this fierce woman, he is just a happy addition to his life.

9. Her self-esteem is her priority.

She puts her self-esteem above all else and doesn’t compromise it for nothing.

10. She represents what she believes in

Since she has her own mind, she represents what she believes in and that kind of makes her sexy.

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