10 signs he will be bad in bed

Do you ever feel like you can tell who would be great in bed just by looking at them? It might actually be the truth. A lot about how good a guy is in bed can be gleaned from the way he looks, talks, and even eats. Here are some classic signs that he won’t be too fun in the sack:

He is a bad kisser

The way a man kisses can tell you a lot about the way he’s going to behave in the bedroom. If he never gives you little pecks and always tries to stick his tongue down your throat as soon as you get close, then he’s probably going to move too quickly in the bedroom, too.

10 signs he will be bad in bed

Instead of engaging in a sufficient amount of foreplay, he’ll probably jump right to “the good stuff.” While a lack of foreplay won’t hamper a man from reaching his climax, it will certainly be troublesome for his partners, because women need to be warmed up if they want to have pain-free sex.

His Hygiene Sucks

If a guy reeks, you probably shouldn’t sleep with him. Horrible smelling breath and B.O. aside, bad hygiene might also suggest that he’s not aware of body language. If he can’t tell that you’re grossed out by him, how can he tell if you’re not having fun in bed?

He makes fun of you in front of his friends

If his public “playful” insults always hurt your feelings, imagine how you’ll feel when you’re naked and all the sudden he’s making “jokes” about how your vagina smells weird and then starts comparing it to gross things while you wonder how you even got to this place in your life. Also, stop dating this guy. Everyone hates him.

His attitude towards sex is awful

A guy who’s clearly sexually repressed, is misogynistic, or doesn’t understand the importance of consent isn’t going to be fun to sleep with. They generally won’t care about your experience, or they may freeze up and panic. Oh, and if he’s too repressed, he may cry after sex. Not fun.

He is shallow

If a man is super shallow, then it could cause you to be insecure in the bedroom, because you’ll be wondering if he deems your body beautiful or not. Even if he’s not very judgmental of women, but he constantly checks his reflection in the mirror, you have a problem. If he’s obsessed with his appearance, he might freak out when you mess up the gel in his hair while you run your fingers through it, or when you rip his shirt while you’re trying to take it off. Unless you’re okay with having intercourse in front of a mirror, you should stay away from men who are overly obsessed with appearances.

He’s Easily Distracted

If your man always pulls out his phone to check texts and emails during dinner dates, you can consider it a red flag. If he’s so attached to his electronics that he can’t go an hour without using them, then it’s going to be a problem in the bedroom. Even if he doesn’t stop mid-thrust in order to check his cell, he’ll probably keep the television on to watch his favorite shows while you’re making love. Plus, if his mind is always elsewhere, it’ll take him a long time to finish, because he won’t be able to concentrate on all the small touches and kisses that you’re giving him. A distracted lover is a bad lover.

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He would not try new

You should avoid sleeping with men who refuse to try new foods and go on dates in new places, because they probably won’t be all that spontaneous and adventurous in the bedroom. The first time you have sex with a man, it won’t matter if he’s a daredevil, because anything you do will feel fresh and exciting. However, if you end up staying with him for months or years, you’re going to become bored. The easiest way to spice up a bland sex life is by getting frisky in a new location or doing it at a different time of day, and if your man refuses to try new things, you’ll never break out of your future rut.

He avoid eye contact

Intercourse is about more than what you two do with your bodies. It’s also about the emotional connection that you make with one another. If a man won’t look you in the eyes while you’re chatting during dinner, then he won’t look you in the eyes in the bedroom, either. It might not seem like a big deal, but locking eyes is actually one of the best ways to establish intimacy. If he’s too intimidated by you to look at you, then you should probably spend more time together, so he can become more comfortable around you. That way, when you finally have intercourse, it’ll be a more intimate experience.

He Takes Forever To Make A Move

If you’ve been on a dozen dates with him, but he just won’t make a move, then he probably won’t be all that great in the bedroom. If he can’t find the courage to kiss you, then it’s going to take him even longer to work up the courage to initiate intercourse with you. Even if you take the lead, he might hesitate to put his hands on you in risqué places. That means that you’re either going to have to order him around in the bedroom or settle for a subpar experience. If you like men who take control, then you should say goodbye to anyone who is too shy to kiss you after weeks of dating.

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He don’t like receiving oral.

“If a woman tells me she doesn’t feel comfortable to let me go down on her, that’s pretty much a 100% reliable sign that the sex is going to be terrible. If she’s not comfortable enough with her body to receive oral sex, she’s not going to be comfortable enough to do much of anything else.”

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