Secrets that men would never reveal are:

1. They Hate Accepting Failures

No matter how small the problem, men hate losing. (We all know how competitive some men can be, whether in sports, business or as a small league baseball coach; some boys don’t know how to let it go.) Some ultra-competitive/proud men prefer to sell a kidney than say “honey, I can’t afford this.” So keep that in mind and do your best not to damage your husband’s ego whenever possible.

2. Like Compliments, too

Like women, men also love receiving compliments. “That shirt looks great on you” or “You look great” will brighten any man’s day.

3. They Get Jealous Easily

Men often do not express their feelings and are quite skilled at suppressing them. But that doesn’t mean he won’t get mad if he sees his girl being hit by another man.

4. They Are Pro At Hiding Feelings

Many men will deny this, but some will even cry at the climax of a romantic and moving film. If you ask them about it, they will answer “there was something in my eye”.

5. They Always Tinker

Men will always try to play and do things for themselves just because they want to be the ones who saved the day. Sometimes they do, but most of the time men have no idea.

6. They Scrutinize A Lot

Don’t jump out of the gun and buy a wedding dress if a man invites you to dinner. Little jokes and flirting are a sure sign of interest. He probably likes you but it’s never a sure thing!

7. They Get Scared Too

Everyone has at least one phobia, and that’s fine. A man will raise a brave face if he is afraid of the dark or of a simple house spider. So, ladies, be sure to rescue your man if you find him in such a situation, especially if he finds it difficult to recognize him.

8. They Love Confident Girls

Is it really hard to believe that men do not get carried away by the appearance of a woman? The bottom line; Trust is attractive to both men and women.

9. They find your best friend/sister/mom attractive

He wants to avoid a fight about it, no matter how ~ * ~ * ~ cHiLL ~ * ~ * ~ you are because it really means nothing to him. But yes, she is pretty.

10. They Think About Future

Even if they don’t show up, but they think a lot about their future. Financially, professionally, personally, they literally think all that.

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