10 Best Upper Body Strength Training Exercises For Women

Upper body exercises for women are a great way to sculpt your back, shoulders, and arms and avoid sagging breasts. Women have 50% less strength in the upper body compared to the lower part of their body, and research shows that they develop a positive body image when they add strength training to their training routine. Remember, these exercises will NOT make you get up. Because women only produce one-tenth of the testosterone that men produce, and developing muscles like bodybuilders requires rigorous training of the entire body. Read on to learn about the best upper body strengthening exercises and how to do them.

Bicep Curls

Keep your elbows away and slightly in front of your body to maximize bicep engagement. Go slowly and control the eccentric part of the curl {way down}. Muscle building actually occurs on the way down in the bicep curl.

10 Best Upper Body Strength Training Exercises For Women

Arnold Press

Sculpt all the shoulder muscle heads starting with the weights in front of your face. Keep a slight bend in the knees, but be sure to hook the core and tighten the buttocks while pressing the weights on the head, protecting the lower back.

Lying Skull Crushers

Keep your elbows aligned with your forearms, without allowing them to fall, away from your body. Slowly lower the weights towards your face, again muscle development occurs in the eccentric movement {way down} of this exercise as well.


Direct with your chest, falling straight toward the floor from head to heel. As you lower your elbows, you should fall behind you towards the hips.

Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

Hinge forward on the hips with the palms facing out, away from the body. This change of grip works on a slightly different part of the back. Pull your elbows toward the sky and toward your hips, as if putting on your pants in the morning. Hold at the top of the moment, squeezing the shoulder blades. Then, slowly lower the weights to the starting position, trying not to drop them. Keeping your belly stretched firmly towards your spine throughout the movement.

Dumbbell Punches

A very good warm-up exercise that works on all arm muscles and prepares them for a good strength training session. It is also a cardiovascular movement that heats the body. Lift the weights, one in each hand, and place them near your shoulders with your elbows attached to your sides. Take out a weight alternately by stretching your elbow.

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Bent-Over Lateral Raise

This exercise opens the chest and works on those pecs. It also tightens the muscles of the upper back and tones the triceps. Squat down and bend as much as you can and get up without bending your back. Lift a weight in each hand with your arms in front of you. Keep weights face to face and elbows slightly bent. Lift your arms sideways so that they form a straight line with your shoulders.

 Triceps Kickbacks

The fat that accumulates around the triceps results in bingo wings and makes using those sexy tanks very difficult. Triceps bribes can give you incredible triceps. Bring your right leg forward, bend your knee a little and push most of your weight with your right foot. Keep the back leg straight. Lean forward a little. Kick the dumbbell back stretching your elbow. Bring it back. Do 12-15 repetitions.

Renegade Rows With Dumbbells

The renegade rows burn fat in the arms and squeeze the core. If you find it difficult to do this exercise with weights, you can start doing it without weights. Beginners can also do it with weights, but on their knees to make it less challenging. Assume the flexion position with each hand by grasping a weight placed on the floor. Lift weight and lift it while turning your body slightly to the side. Take the dumbbell as far as you can. The balance on the other leg and arm. Lower it and repeat with the other side.

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Russian Twist With Kettlebell

This movement works throughout the upper body: the nucleus, the arms, and the back. Use kettlebells of the weight you prefer. Or you can even use a heavyweight. Sit straight with your back straight and your legs straight in front of you. Bend your knees and lift your calves so that they are parallel to the floor. At the same time, lean your back slightly back and stay in balance. Tighten all the muscles of your body to facilitate balance. Keep a kettlebell in the center near your chest. Turn right and bring the kettlebell to that side.

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